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  • Title: Tararua Breeding Centre : Home
    Descriptive info: .. Tararua Breeding Centre.. Tararua Breeding Centre is the largest privately owned bovine semen dedicated centre in New Zealand.. Company Profile.. TBC is managed by Ms Robyn How.. Robyn has been in the artificial breeding industry for over 25 years and has supervised the collection and processing of semen on centres in Australia, the UK, South America, the USA and China, as well as New Zealand.. Services offered include:..  ...   Primary Industries (MPI) approved centre.. MPI approved embryo donor centre for the collection of cattle embryos for export.. On farm semen collection and processing.. On farm bull fertility evaluations.. Semen Storage, import and export.. Semen Morphology services.. Proud to be Sponsors of.. Associated Companies.. Tararau Breeding Centre Ltd,.. Robyn How.. , Masterton, RD, Woodville, New Zealand.. Ph: 06 376 4955 Fax: 06 376 4956.. Website by.. Pivotdesign.. , Feilding..

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  • Title: Tararua Breeding Centre : Export Collections
    Descriptive info: Semen Collection.. Semen collection and processing are the fundamentals of our business.. Tararua Breeding Centre has two separate facilities for Isolation and collection.. This ensures that all overseas health protocols can be catered for.. Each of these facilities conforms to the rigid quarantine and health requirements specified by the relevant authorities for the Export  ...   Assure Quality veterinarians.. Our semen handling and freezing systems are closely monitored, and only semen of the highest quality is released for export or local use.. We can export to most countries around the world excluding the EU and China.. We can supply semen from the best beef and diary herds in New Zealand..

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  • Title: Tararua Breeding Centre : On Farm Collection
    Descriptive info: On Farm Semen Collection Information.. Semen collection can be carried out on your farm.. We can do single bulls or mobs of bulls for testing for sale, pre mating checking or for processing their semen into straws for AI use or insurance.. The facilities that are required are any set of Cattle yards or Cow shed.. We can work in nearly all facilities that you would normally use to work your cattle.. We prefer to use an in season cow/heifer of comparable size to the bull for collections as this makes it easier, for us, the bull, and the cow/heifer.. If an in season cow/heifer is not available then a quiet female will be required for collecting.. If the cow and bull are moderately quite, and the cow is on heat, we tend not to restrain the cow.. We get them into a smallish yard and walk around with them to collect the semen.. This makes the job quick and easy for us all.. To enable us to check the quality of the semen and to start the initial processing if you require semen to be frozen we will need a dry covered area with power.. This is ideal but not essential as some yards do not have power available.. We can work around any cow shed or yard but we will need notice if you do not have power available at the site.. Restrictions for on farm collected semen.. This semen can be sold but its movement is restricted.. It can not go to Ambreed or LIC and this includes their technicians tanks.. If you, or the person you are selling the semen to, have an on farm tank or use a private technician then we are able to send the semen to you and to them.. We are able to send the semen to Xcell in Kaiapoi and Animal Breeding Services in Hamilton as these centres also store on farm collected semen.. With enough notice, we are able to offer you the  ...   on heat and is restrained with a halter tied to the rail.. This is how close we get to the action!.. Being this close enables us to examine the penis and to ensure that there isn t any damage to the penis and that there are no scars or injuries that could cause future mating problems.. Prices.. On Farm semen collection for processing.. $3.. 50 per straw frozen.. $100.. 00 is charged if no freezable semen is collected.. $1.. 10 cents per km Travel.. We try and organise our runs so that the travel component can be shared.. Bull Evaluations.. First 10 bulls $45.. 00 per bull.. 11 to 25 bulls $40.. 26 to 75 bulls $35.. 75 + bulls apply for a quote.. Travel $1.. 10 per km or % of if done on a run.. On Centre semen collection.. $650.. 00 Entry Fee.. $2.. 20 per straw up to 4,000 collected.. 10 per straw over 4,000 collected.. $55.. 00 LIC bull code for a beef bull (if you do not already have one).. $20.. 00 LIC bull code for a dairy bull (if you do not already have one).. $45.. 00 to $65.. 00 DNA (varience between semen, hair and blood extraction of DNA) (if you do not already have one).. $7.. 00 per day grazing charged after the first 4 weeks on centre.. On farm health testing costs are at your cost.. This cost varies from vet to vet.. I suggest you talk to your local vet about the charges for on farm health testing.. STORAGE.. Semen and embryo storage is charged out in arrears annually in February.. We do not hold insurance for semen and embryos.. It is storage here at your risk.. If you require insurance for the storage then please notify us, or your insurance company, of your requirements prior to the semen arriving at the center.. 65 Cents per straw per year.. 00 Unit maintenance if you own your own on centre storage tank.. All Prices exclude GST..

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  • Title: Tararua Breeding Centre : Storage and Despatch
    Descriptive info: Storage and Despatch.. Tararua Breeding Centre can meet your storage and despatch requirements.. We have a large storage facility for both licensed and unlicensed semen and tanks.. We can maintain your storage tank throughout the season and arrange distribuiton both locally and internationally.. S.. emen Storage.. 70 cents per straw per year, charged in arears in February each year.. Embryo Storage $1.. 50 per embryo per year, charged in arears in February each year.. Unit Maintenance $700.. 00  ...   stored in your own Liquid Nitrogen storage tank, not an on farm type tank.. Despatch Costs.. Local depatch $40.. 00.. International despatch $150.. 00.. Liquid Nitrogen $6.. 50 per litre.. Freight at cost.. Unit hire $5.. 00 per day or weekly hire $25.. 00 per week.. It is stored here at your risk.. If you require insurance for storage then please notify us, or your insurance company of your requiremetns prior to the semen/embryos arrivng at the centre..

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  • Title: Tararua Breeding Centre : Bull Evaluation
    Descriptive info: Bull Evaluation.. Bull fertility, or breeding soundness is the single most important factor to be taken into account when selecting a bull.. The primary components of bull fertility are LIBIDO (eagerness to mate), MATING ABILITY, PENILE SOUNDNESS and SEMEN QUALITY.. Tararua Breeding Centre and Totally Vets Feilding offers a BREEDING SOUNDNESS EVALUATION service.. This is a humane, comprehensive assessment of all of the above factors.. The procedure is an invaluable management aid in confirming the breeding soundness of stud or paddock bulls prior to sale, or before being turned out for the mating season.. The evaluation consists of several parts.. Anatomical Soundness.. This involves a physical examination of locomotor and reproductive organs, including palpation of the testicles and measurement of scrotal circumference.. Libido.. This gives an indication of the bull s eagerness to mate (libido), and his ability to mount the teaser.. An in-oestrus teaser cow is brought into the yards.. (For a large number of bulls, the teaser cow is restrained in a specially designed portable crate.. ) The bull is introduced to the teaser and is allowed to mount, and the semen is collected into an artificial vagina.. There is obviously a risk, at this time, that the bulls may start fighting prior to, or immediately after testing.. To help reduce this risk, we advise that bulls be hungry on  ...   morphology.. Each semen sample must satisfy our minimum standards for each of these tests before the bull is passed fertile.. There are several factors that can negatively affect the quality of semen collected on a particular day.. For example bulls that have been ridden the day before, have been fighting, or have had an injury or sickness in the recent past, may not work or have poor semen quality on testing day.. It is therefore not possible to fail , or predict the fertility of a bull based on one isolated semen sample, assuming he passed all other facets of the test.. For this reason, bulls that do not meet our standards on their first test do not fail on that day, but are retested at a later date.. Facilities Required.. The examination can be carried out in most stock yards.. All bulls must be healthy.. Stressful management practices such as dehorning should not be carried out within 6 weeks prior to the testing.. A QUIET in-oestrus female must be available for the test.. (or several, if a larger number of bulls is to be done.. ) We will arrange a synchronisation programme to ensure we have a teaser female on heat at the required time.. 240 volt power and a clear bench are required within easy reach of the collection area..

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  • Title: Tararua Breeding Centre : Donor Centre
    Descriptive info: Donor Centre Embryo Co Ltd.. Tararua Breeding Centre has a donor facility for the collection of embryos from both beef and diary cows located in the Hawkes Bay.. This facility is approved by the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries for the collection and freezing of embryos for export.. It also acts as a resident centre for collection of embryos for local use.. TBC users the services of Embryoco Ltd to carry out the ET work  ...   Brown, 11 Turamoe Road, RD11, Hastings 4178 Phone:- 06 8783961.. The highest standards of management are guaranteed, and the results obtained from the donors at the facility have been excellent.. The embryo work is carried out by Dr.. Martin Hamer who has worked in the industry, in all corners of the globe, for the last 35 years.. Embryoco contact details:-.. www.. embryoco.. co.. nz.. Dr.. Martin Hamer Cell phone:- 0274 325 669 or Office:- 06 3765056..

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  • Title: Tararua Breeding Centre : Company Profile
    Descriptive info: Tararua Breeding Centre is the largest privately owned Bovine dedicated semen collection centre in New Zealand.. TBC is owned by Robyn How and Dr Eddie Dixon and is managed by Ms Robyn How.. Robyn has been in the artificial breeding industry for over 25 years.. She has set up and supervised the collection and processing of Semen and Embryos from Cattle, Sheep, Goats and Deer on centres in Australia, South America, the USA  ...   has been involved in the industry for over 40 years and has completed Embryo Transfer in Cattle, Sheep, Goats and Deer in every corner of the globe.. MPI approved and fully licensed for the collection and processing of cattle semen for export (excluding the EU and China).. Semen morphology services by certified morphologists.. Semen and Embryo Storage.. Import and export of all germplasm.. Embryo collections at EmbryoCo in Paki Paki Hawkes Bay.. com..

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  • Title: Tararua Breeding Centre : contacts
    Descriptive info: Contact Information.. Telephone.. :.. 06 376 4955.. Fax :.. 06 376 4956.. 80541 Masterton Road, R D3 , Woodville, 4999 NEW ZEALAND.. E-Mail: office@tararuabreedingcentre..

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