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  • Title: For fast and effective PCB manufacturing – QualiEco Circuits, New Zealand
    Descriptive info: .. QualiEco Circuits Ltd.. Welcome, Guest!.. Login.. |.. Create Account.. Australia.. PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Technology Consultant.. Home.. Overview.. Products.. Services.. Capability.. PCB Design Tips.. Resources.. FAQs.. Contact.. Are you looking for.. custom solutions.. ?.. Click Here.. Low cost PCB prototype and production.. A quick and easy solution for one-off and small run jobs.. Complete design check.. Full technical support.. Low tooling cost and no MOQ for 1st time order.. Faster lead time.. Express turn around service available.. Re-usable engineering tooling.. Low MOQ for repeat orders.. Find out more.. Standard PCB prototype and production.. For medium and high volume PCB requirements.. High tooling cost and no MOQ for 1st time order..  ...   Quote.. Get your free quote.. Get a free quote for PCB manufacturing.. Qualitative, affordable and reliable PCBs.. QualiEco Circuits is a PCB (printed circuit board) technology consultant to over hundreds of businesses in Australasia.. We’ve been helping the local electronics industry since 2003.. Our services.. QualiEco Circuits Limited has the potential to be an excellent supplier to us! We appreciate the quality of service and support that we receive from QualiEco Circuits.. Always deliver what is promised.. Susan Chuard.. Quality Assurance Supervisor.. Terms of Use.. Privacy Policy.. T: +64 9 269 6916 | F: +64 9 269 6926 | M: +64 21 0304183.. Copyright 2012 QualiEco Circuits Ltd.. All Rights Reserved..

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  • Title: Printed circuit board (PCB) consulting & manufacturing – QualiEco Circuits, New Zealand
    Descriptive info: Looking for.. PCB Supplier.. Get in touch.. From our international network of UL approved and ISO accredited PCB suppliers, we'll find the perfect manufacturer to suit your needs.. We've been supplying highly qualitative, economical and reliable printed circuit boards (PCBs) to the electronics industry since 2003.. All types of PCB.. QualiEco Circuits can meet all your PCB requirements, from single sided (SS) to double sided (DS-PTH) to complex multilayer (ML) – up to 32 layers.. We also supply Flexible, Rigid-Flexible and Metal Core PCB.. No job too small.. Whether you need a single prototype or a large-scale production run, we can help you achieve it quickly and efficiently.. Top quality  ...   PCB manufacturers.. Our international connections allow us to offer the most economical printed circuit solution without compromising quality.. Our suppliers have state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities and skilled staff.. All our PCB suppliers are UL approved and carry ISO-9001:2008, TS-16949:2009 approval to ensure every single PCB they produce passes the strictest quality control processes.. Mission and Vision.. When designing a PCB, try to limit the amount of draws you use.. Draws use a lot of memory and slow the programming time.. Use a flash for pads instead.. More tips.. What our client says?.. For printed circuit boards (PCBs) you can count on, talk to the friendly and experienced team at QualiEco Circuits..

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  • Title: Single, double & multilayer PCB and stencil should it be manufacturing – QualiEco Circuits, New Zealand
    Descriptive info: Printed circuit boards (PCBs) SMT Stencils.. For top quality PCB and stencil design and manufacturing – and outstanding technical support – QualiEco Circuits is your one-stop-shop.. We specialise in supplying all types of unpopulated PCBs (printed circuit boards):.. Rigid (Standard) PCBs.. (RoHS and Non-RoHS).. Single sided/layer (SS).. Double sided/layer (DS-NPTH DS-PTH).. Multilayer (up to 32 layers) PCBs.. Flexible and Rigid Flexible PCBs.. Single Layer FPC.. Double Layer FPC.. Multilayer FPC.. Metal Core PCBs.. Aluminium.. Copper Alloy.. SMT Stencils.. Chemically Etched Brass Stencil.. Electropolish Laser cut Frame/Frameless Stencil.. While we don't do PCB design ourselves, we can put you in touch with the best PCB  ...   tighter deadlines while meeting your quality standards and staying within your budget.. Rigid (Standard) PCBs – RoHS and Non-RoHS.. Single Sided / Layer PCB.. Double Sided / Layer PCB.. MultiLayer PCB.. Flexible and Rigid Flexible PCBs – RoHS and Non-RoHS.. MultiLayer FPC.. Electropolished Laser Cut Framed Stencil.. Product Comparision Chart.. We have capability to manufacture Single Sided/Layer (SS), Double Sided/Layer (DS-NPTH DS-PTH) and MultiLayer (up to 24 layers) PCBs with RoHS as an option.. Compare.. Low Cost Prototype.. with.. Standard Prototype and Production.. Choose one which.. best suits your requirement.. Compare now!.. Our Capabilities.. Need to know more about.. our capabilities.. ?.. Read more..

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  • Title: PCB design & manufacturing consultant – QualiEco Circuits, New Zealand
    Descriptive info: Save time and hassle with our 'No Delays' policy and 24-hour phone support – we're the only New Zealand PCB consultant and supplier offering this level of service.. At QualiEco Circuits we have an excellent track record of delivering PCB orders on time – and often early.. So once you’ve placed your order you can relax, we’ll do the rest.. We pride ourselves on delivering great customer service, and will keep you updated.. Technical support.. As a designer, you want your technical questions answered right away.. That’s why we offer 24–hour commercial and technical support – which is unique in the Australasian PCB industry.. Plus we go one step further: after receiving  ...   PCB Technology Consultant – at no cost!.. Quick delivery, No delays.. We are the fastest PCB supplier in Australasia, among those using overseas manufacturing facilities.. We can usually deliver PCBs within 7-8 working days under prototype and 12-13 working days under standard production category.. The fastest possible delivery with us is 24 to 48 hours (ex-factory) e.. g.. express PCB orders received on Friday before 12.. 30pm can be ready for collection on Monday following week.. Our shipments arrive by air 2-3 times a week (about 100-150 air shipments per year), which helps us to be on time every time.. Urgent pick-up.. Urgent pick-up can be arranged, even on weekends and public holidays..

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  • Title: Rigid or flexible PCB, single, double or multi-layer - QualiEco Circuits, New Zealand
    Descriptive info: QualiEco Circuits specialises in smart yet simple PCB solutions – we’re always one step ahead in technology and innovation.. Rigid PCBs.. Do's and Don'ts – General Overview.. Technical Capability – In Brief.. Small Volume.. Medium Volume.. High Volume.. Technical Capability – In Detail.. Limits and Tolerances.. Flexible and Rigid-Flexible PCBs (RoHS and Non-RoHS).. Technical Capability Statement.. Rigid PCBs –.. RoHS and Non-RoHS.. Electropolish Laser cut Frame/ Frameless Stencil..

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  • Title: PCB design and manufacturing tips – QualiEco Circuits, New Zealand
    Descriptive info: PCB design tips.. Our team has put together some tips to help you achieve PCB designs that are cost-effective and manufacturing-friendly.. Follow these tips to create cost-effective and manufacture-friendly PCB designs.. PCB general tips.. In most cases it's advisable and convenient to use gerber in RS274-X (extended gerber) format.. However, we do accept gerber in RS274-D format, which will require a separate aperture list/report file so we can fetch information about the pad and line sizes you have used to design the PCB.. If the PCB has been designed in Protel/DXP/Altium Summer 09/Altium Designer 10 software, that’s fine.. We can use.. pcb or.. pcbdoc files straight away.. When ordering your PCBs please supply:.. Tool file/chart, telling us which tool is what size and how many of each tool is used.. Fabrication drawing or manufacturing requirements.. NC Drill file in ASCII format.. Example:.. %.. T01.. X035Y0075.. X03525Y01225.. M30.. To ensure fast production of your PCB it's good to include a Readme file with the contact person’s name, phone/fax number and other information about your board requirements.. This file can be in either ASCII (*.. TXT) or Microsoft Word (*.. DOC) format.. Please keep in mind that the following factors impact PCB assembly costs:.. PCB type (single /double /or multi layer).. Laminate material (e.. thicker than 1.. 6mm laminate and 1oz finish copper, Tg greater than 130 to 135 degree etc).. Colour of solder mask and/or overlay (green for solder mask and white for overlay is our standard).. Peelable Solder Mask.. Special surface finish like Immersion Silver, Immersion Gold or lead-free HASL.. These finishes are used mainly to comply with RoHS and/or to achieve a flat finish for fine pitch components.. Extensive and very complex routing.. High number of slots.. High number of v-cut lines.. Controlled impedance.. PCBs that use high frequency laminates.. Plugged via.. We'll send you written confirmation of our commercial and technical acceptance within 24 to 36 hours of receiving your purchase order.. This will confirm that we fully understand your requirements, and whether or not we can complete your request within your timeframe.. PCB design specifications.. For prototype and very small volume production, our engineering tooling cost increases in a step of every 200 sq.. cm.. So we suggest you design your PCB in a way that enables maximum yield for the set up charge you pay.. For example, designing a PCB having total area 380 sq cm would fetch more value for money than a design with a total area of 220 sq cm.. We can easily accommodate larger panel sizes but these cost more to produce.. Refer to our technical guide for more information.. For cost-effective manufacturing of your PCBs please ensure your designs include:.. Clearly mentioned cut mark.. If possible use "keep out layer" or "mechanical layer".. We measure PCB/panel dimension from the centre of the cut mark.. This means at the time of cutting, the outer edge of the router will fall right over the centre of the cut mark.. Continuous borderline, if the PCB is an odd shape.. This will help us a lot in creating a rout program.. Information about NPTH holes (in protel/DXP, click on the pad needs NPTH hole – go to "Advanced" menu and untick  ...   can create shorts if any font has been used in the copper layer and increasing in size may cause it to touch nearby track or pad.. Using hexagonal pads in protel software (specially Protel 99 and earlier versions) isn’t advisable, because while generating gerber data from a protel document it can cause two major problems: (1) Rotating hexagonal pad, which can cause a short if any track is close (2) Hexagonal pad size changes to the smallest size of the hexagonal pad, if more than one size of hexagonal pads have been used.. We have found a way to get rid of this problem but it is always better to avoid it in the first place.. It has been noticed on a few occasions that overlay font has been rotated 90 degrees while generating gerber from DXP.. Unfortunately it isn’t possible to detect this error unless an engineer doubts the overlay structure.. No remedy to this error has been found so far so if you know more about it please let us know and we’ll post your suggestions for everyone's benefit.. Ensure that no silkscreen falls on any pads or mask opening.. This could affect the bare board testing and soldering process.. We have specialised software to clip such overlay text at our end.. As a rule of thumb, clipping should be done in such a way that 0.. 1mm area is clear around the solder mask pad.. If routing is required, make sure the nearest copper area (i.. pad, track or ground) is at least 0.. 3mm away from the centre of the cut mark.. In the case of v-grooving, at least 0.. 7-0.. 8mm clearance would be required.. Add some text to the copper layer wherever possible.. This will help the CAD engineer to identify top and bottom copper in case of any confusion.. If your design is sensitive and contains an isolation barrier, please tell us when placing your order.. That way we can make sure no copper is accidently placed in the form of date code or any other way.. At the time of making prototypes, try to design the PCB as if you are finalising design for production.. This will save you extra set up costs if the prototype turns up in production without any changes.. This relates mainly to designs that are into panel form – effective panelisation at the first instance can save a lot at the time of normal production.. Version control is very critical to anyone who deals with various modifications.. It is better to add "R1" or "V1" suffix after the PCB description to identify the most recent design.. The moment you realise that the old version is of no use, inform us as quickly as you can so we can discard the complete record and artwork at our end.. This can save you from our purchasing system generating an order with an old version by mistake.. Protel keeps new dates on record even if you simply view your designs without editing them.. Therefore it is hard to decipher the most recent design just from the date of modification.. We hope these design tips will help you create PCB layouts that are easier and cheaper to manufacture..

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  • Title: Free PCB information and downloads – QualiEco Circuits, New Zealand
    Descriptive info: Learn about printed circuit board and stencil technology from the experts – you can download these articles for free.. So what are you waiting for!!! Choose from the links below to start with.. Each section has included downloadable PDF version.. Glossary and Abbreviations.. PCB Glossary.. Abbreviations for Printed Circuit Boards.. PCB Design Guidelines.. PCB Design Check  ...   other aspects.. Pad Reduction Criteria for Laser Cut Stencil.. RoHS and Guidelines.. RoHS Compliance - A Comparison.. RoHS Facts - History, Legislation and Benefits.. Silver Finish PCBs - Handling, Storage Assembly.. Cross References.. Read Disclaimer for Cross Linking.. Resistors.. If you are looking for OEM business solutions, find all of your resistors from the experts at Riedon..

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  • Title: PCB FAQ - design, manufacturing, stencils – QualiEco Circuits, New Zealand
    Descriptive info: Find out more about PCB design, manufacturing, pricing and administration in our frequently asked questions.. PCB.. (Printed Circuit Board).. General.. Quality.. Quote.. Ordering.. Prices.. Payment.. Shipping.. Laminate.. Drill holes.. Solder mask.. Component overlay/ silkscreen/ legend printing.. RoHS/Surface Finish.. PCB panel sizes and panelisation.. File formats.. Gerbers.. PCB design service.. SMT Stencil.. Services Capabilities..

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  • Title: Contact the PCB experts – QualiEco Circuits, New Zealand
    Descriptive info: Get a FREE quote or simply ask our advice.. Whatever the reason, we'd love to hear from you.. First Name.. Last Name.. E-mail Address.. City.. Auckland.. Christchurch.. Dunedin.. Hamilton.. Napier-Hastings.. Nelson.. Palmerston North.. Rotorua.. Tauranga.. Wellington.. Others.. Melbourne.. Sydney.. Brisbane.. Perth.. Adelaide.. State.. Victoria.. New South Wales (NSW).. Queensland.. South Australia.. Western Australia.. Tasmania.. Australian Capital Territory.. Northern Territory.. Post Code.. Country.. Afghanistan.. Aland Islands.. Albania.. Algeria.. American Samoa.. Andorra.. Angola.. Anguilla.. Antarctica.. Antigua and Barbuda.. Argentina.. Armenia.. Aruba.. Austria.. Azerbaijan.. Bahamas.. Bahrain.. Bangladesh.. Barbados.. Belarus.. Belgium.. Belize.. Benin.. Bermuda.. Bhutan.. Bolivia.. Bosnia and Herzegovina.. Botswana.. Bouvet Island.. Brazil.. British Indian Ocean Territory.. British Virgin Islands.. Brunei.. Bulgaria.. Burkina Faso.. Burundi.. Cambodia.. Cameroon.. Canada.. Cape Verde.. Cayman Islands.. Central African Republic.. Chad.. Chile.. China.. Christmas Island.. Cocos (Keeling) Islands.. Colombia.. Congo.. Cook Islands.. Costa Rica.. Croatia.. Cuba.. Cyprus.. Czech Republic.. Democratic Republic of Congo.. Denmark.. Disputed Territory.. Djibouti.. Dominica.. Dominican Republic.. East Timor.. Ecuador.. Egypt.. El Salvador.. Equatorial Guinea.. Eritrea.. Estonia.. Ethiopia.. Falkland Islands.. Faroe Islands.. Federated States of Micronesia.. Fiji.. Finland.. France.. French Guyana.. French Polynesia.. French Southern Territories.. Gabon.. Gambia.. Georgia.. Germany.. Ghana.. Gibraltar.. Greece.. Greenland.. Grenada.. Guadeloupe.. Guam.. Guatemala.. Guinea.. Guinea-Bissau.. Guyana.. Haiti.. Heard Island and McDonald Islands.. Honduras.. Hong Kong.. Hungary.. Iceland.. India.. Indonesia.. Iran.. Iraq.. Iraq-Saudi Arabia Neutral Zone.. Ireland.. Israel.. Italy.. Ivory Coast.. Jamaica.. Japan.. Jordan.. Kazakhstan.. Kenya..  ...   Sierra Leone.. Singapore.. Slovakia.. Slovenia.. Solomon Islands.. Somalia.. South Africa.. South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.. South Korea.. Spain.. Spratly Islands.. Sri Lanka.. Sudan.. Suriname.. Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands.. Swaziland.. Sweden.. Switzerland.. Syria.. Taiwan.. Tajikistan.. Tanzania.. Thailand.. Togo.. Tokelau.. Tonga.. Trinidad and Tobago.. Tunisia.. Turkey.. Turkmenistan.. Turks and Caicos Islands.. Tuvalu.. US Virgin Islands.. Uganda.. Ukraine.. Union of the Comoros.. United Arab Emirates.. United Kingdom.. United Nations Neutral Zone.. United States Minor Outlying Islands.. United States.. Uruguay.. Uzbekistan.. Vanuatu.. Vatican City.. Venezuela.. Vietnam.. Wallis and Futuna Islands.. Western Sahara.. Yemen.. Zambia.. Zimbabwe.. Telephone.. Your Message.. Leave this empty.. Security Code.. Please enter the words you see in the box, in order and separated by a space.. Qualieco Contact.. 36 Nanleen Rise, The Gardens, Manurewa 2105, Auckland.. Phone: +64 9 269 6916.. Fax: +64 9 269 6926.. pcb@qualiecocircuits.. co.. nz.. Postal Address:.. PO Box 75 474,.. Manurewa 2243,.. Auckland - New Zealand.. Level 9, 440 Collins Street,.. Melbourne VIC 3000.. Phone: +61 1300 BUY PCB.. (1300 289 722),.. +61 3 9111 1887.. Fax: +61 3 9111 1888.. com.. au.. www.. qualiecocircuits.. QualiEco Circuits.. Room 3405-3407,.. Time Exhibition Centre,.. Huangdu Plaza 3008.. Yitian Road, Futian District.. Shenzhen, Guangdong Provice.. P.. R.. C.. Phone: +86 182 4498 0000.. 316A, Tower A,.. Siddhi Vinayak Tower,.. B/H DGP Office, Prahladnagar,.. Ahmedabad, Gujarat.. Phone: +91 79 29701841.. +91 8758759282..

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  • Title: Low cost prototype PCB supplier in NZ – Single layer to Multilayer PCBs
    Descriptive info: Best.. quality.. , Lowest.. price.. and Most.. reliable lead time.. is our core competence!!!.. This category of service is specifically designed to cater needs of R&D oriented fast turnaround and small volume repeat PCB projects.. A very interesting feature available in this category is – variable engineering tooling cost.. We will charge tooling cost in the step of every 200 sq.. of PCB/Panel area.. This means, you pay in accordance to the design area and not being penalized by an unfair “any PCB size same set up cost” rule.. Many PCB designers are taking advantage of this feature by restricting their design to match our  ...   from 7 to 8 working days including shipping time.. Various express turn around options are also available to match your urgency.. 24 hours Ex-Factory turnaround is the fastest we can do, especially for single and double layer PCBs.. Multi layer PCBs may take a day or more extra, depend on the number of layers and the level of complexity.. Please talk to our friendly team and let us guide you with the best economical option that suits your requirement.. Saving every single dollar of yours without compromising quality and service is our objective!!.. Here is a quick guideline to help you understand this category better -..

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  • Title: Standard prototype and Production PCB supplier in NZ
    Descriptive info: Standard Prototype Production.. This category of service suits to those projects that require final prototype before going in standard medium or high volume production service.. If your design has already passed prototype phase and ready for next production, this category is just perfect for you.. Our standard lead time under this category is from 12 to 13 working days including shipping time.. Unfortunately, express turnaround is NOT an option in this category.. However, we always try to deliver prototypes earlier than our committed dates, wherever possible.. Please ask our friendly team whether any such special arrangement can be arranged..

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