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  • Title: Lavender Oil Products from Netherfield Lavender, NZ | Home
    Descriptive info: .. Producers of 100% Pure New Zealand Lavender Oil.. Home.. |.. History.. Lavender Uses.. Lavender Products.. Basket.. Gallery.. Services.. Contact.. Stockists.. Accreditation.. Links.. Welcome to Netherfield Lavender !.. Lavender - A true gift handed down through the millennia.. Lavender is one of the most powerful remedies in the plant world, offering both physical and emotional relief for problems as varied as burns, migraines, insomnia, insect bites, skin problems, infections, stress and nervous tension.. Lavender oil..  ...   has launched the following gift packs.. to our lavender range:.. The small gift pack includes:.. 5mL Essential Lavender Oil.. 20g Lavender Sleep Balm.. 75g Enriching Lavender Soap.. The large gift pack includes:.. 10mL Essential Lavender Oil,.. 20g Lavender Sleep Balm,.. 100g Heart Shaped Lavender Soap, and.. 125mL Luxurious Lavender Lotion.. These gift packs are a great gift idea, and just in time for Mothers Day.. Netherfield Lavender.. 0800 NETHER (0800 638437).. powered by.. Cactus Software Ltd..

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  • Title: Essential Oil & Lavender History, Therapeutic & Antibacterial Lavender Oil
    Descriptive info: Producers of 100% Pure New Zealand Lavender Essential Oil.. Lavender History.. Lavender Essential Oil.. has literally been used for therapeutic applications for thousands of years and is one of the most highly regarded of the aromatics.. Early Lavender History.. One of the earliest recorded claims of Lavender oil's therapeutic qualities comes from the nineteenth century when tuberculosis and infection was rampant in France.. It was found that the people working in the lavender fields of Provence were far less likely to succumb to infection and respiratory ailments, such as tuberculosis which was virtually unknown in the area.. This discovery led to the first clinical tests in 1887 which were to prove the.. antibacterial properties.. of.. lavender essential oil.. Recent History.. Today in the 21st century where stress and anxiety is taking its toll on  ...   in.. Aromatherapy.. Pure essenses from aromatic plants are nature s gift to the human body and spirit.. The heady scents and health-giving properties have been prized since antiquity.. is the modern interpretation of this venerable practice, it uses pure essential oils, derived from plants, to sooth ailments and promote good health.. The benefical effects of essential oils to the body are applied many ways, through baths, massage, compresses, vaporisers, atomisers and inhulations.. It cannot be stressed too often how important it is to use pure, natural, authentic essential oils as aromatherapy uses the pharmacological complexity of the plants for their unique therapeutic and olfactory qualities.. Storing and caring for essential oils: Essential oils are extremely volatile, atffected by the environment, light, temperature, air and moisture.. Store in cool, dark and dry places.. Netherfield Lavender ·..

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  • Title: Lavender Oil Uses & Benefits, Aromatherapy & Remedy
    Descriptive info: Benefits of Lavender Oil.. LAVENDER IS ONE OF THE MOST NOSTALGIC FRAGRANCES, bringing scenes of childhood vividly to the mind: high summer days that last for ever, lavender bushes shimmering against the blue sky, the bees blundering in and out among the flowers, stirring up the intense, sweet sensation.. But lavender is much more than just pretty calming.. It is one of the most powerful remedies in the plant world, offering both physical and emotional relief for problems as varied as burns, migraines, insomnia, insect bites, skin problems, infections, stress and nervous tension.. It owes this amazing spectrum of healing powers to its complex chemical makeup.. Have a look at our.. 20 reasons to use Lavender Essential Oil.. -.. a remedy for aching muscles, acne, bugs bacteria, burns, cuts wounds, earache, eczema, fatigue, fevers, giddy spells, pulpitations, headache, insomnia, long haul travel, menstrual cramps, moths mosquitoes, sandflies, scabies, shingles, sinusitis, stress anxiety and sunburn.. Lavender is particularly rich in aromatic molecules called esters, which are antispasmodic, pacifying and tonic, while other molecules give it its.. antiviral, bacterial and anti-inflammatory powers.. Of the many therapeutic attributes of Lavender oil, respiratory relief would be one of the most consistently reported benefits.. Netherfield Lavender Oil.. in its purest form is known to be of great assistance to the recovery and protection of the respiratory system.. Lavender Oil Properties:.. Antidepressant.. Analgesic.. Antiseptic.. Cicatrizant.. Expectorant.. Nervine.. Vulnerary.. Especially beneficial to the respiratory tract in particular coughs, colds, influenza.. Certainly eases breathing when lungs and sinuses are choked with phlegm.. Defends system against airborne viruses.. A refreshing note to a tired mind lavender has been named as one of the most useful of the essences for the relief of anxiety and stress.. Good for aches and pains and muscle stiffness and may also help with rheumatic discomfort and joint stiffness.. The cicatrizant properties of.. lavender oil.. are beneficial to healing of wounds including all types of burns and even treatment of eczema, dermatitis, scabies and psoriasis.. Avoid.. in pregnancy, epilepsy and fever.. Applications of Lavender Oil.. Aromatheraphy with Lavender Essential Oil.. Lavender Bath.. Excellent for aching muscles, relaxation, stress relief.. Add 6-8 drops.. Lavender essential oil.. after running the water and vigorously agitate water.. Add the drops to a capful of milk or Epsom salts and then put in the bath as this helps to disperse the oils through out the water.. This is a great way to receive the benefits of Lavender oil.. Lie back and enjoy!.. Lavender Shower.. After wetting your hair, add 3 drops Lavender oil to a capful of water and tip onto your head.. Stand  ...   Inhalation.. Great for colds and flu or as part of a skin/careacne regime.. Add 4-6 drops to a bowl of hot water.. Place a towel over your head and breathe in the vapour.. Keep your eyes shut.. Continue to breathe deeply for a few minutes, occasionally removing the towel and your head from the bowl.. Lavender Hand/Foot Bath.. Great for tired feet, fatigue or sore/dry hands.. Add 4-6 drops Lavender oil to a large bowl of warm water and soak for approx 10 minutes.. Then apply a.. Lavender lotion.. for added benefits.. Lavender Compress.. In a bowl or warm water add 6-8 drops Lavender oil and swirl around.. Soak a cloth then gently squeeze out and apply to area of your body you wish to treat.. Use cold water for treating new muscular injuries or sprains.. Lavender direct for Burns.. After running cold water on the burn for approx 10 minutes, put a few drops of neat lavender oil onto the burnt area (including sunburn).. This will greatly assist the healing process.. ONLY use lavender.. Remember serious burns must be seen to by a doctor.. The dosages mentioned are recommended for average sized adults.. For the elderly, disabled, the very sick or young children, half the dose is recommended.. For more detailed information on the benefits of.. Lavender Oil.. contact us.. for a handout.. Applications of Lavender Mist.. Netherfield Lavender Mist.. is refreshing and nourishing for the skin after exposure to the sun.. Common therapeutic uses: Sunburn, Windburn, Burns, Inflammation, Cuts, Wounds, Eczema, Dermatitis, Infections, Bacterial conditions, Sores, Ulcers, Acne, Boils.. 20 reasons to use Lavender Essential Oil products.. What is our Lavender Mist (Hydrosol)?.. Hydrosols.. are not just misters (i.. e.. water to which essential oils have been added.. ) They are a true product of distillation and cannot be manufactured synthetically.. Hydrosols are 100% distilled, non-alcoholic waters, straight from the still.. This water solution contains some water soluble micro-molecules of essential oils, as well as water soluble plant components.. The oil molecules give the hydrosol the same properties as essential oils plus the added benefit of the plant material components which gives hydrosol a unique therapeutic benefit, specifically as a skin hydrator promoting healing and nourishing the skins own regenerative processes.. Hydrosols are effective as toners for all skin types as they are impregnated with water-soluble (hydrophilic) compounds that are not present in essential oils.. Soothing, anti-inflammatory carboxylic acids are found almost exclusively in.. hydrosols.. Reference: Barbara Payne trained in.. in the late 1980s.. She has taught in hospitals in and around Hull for the School of Health at the University of Hull..

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  • Title: Lavender Online Shop | Order Essential Lavender Oil, Lavender Mist, Lotion, Lavender Soap, Shampoo, Body Wash, Gift Basket, Candles
    Descriptive info: Lavender Online Shop.. To.. ORDER.. our Lavender products - Please enter quantity and press "Add to Basket" button below the Lavender products.. see shopping basket.. click to enlarge.. Netherfield Pure Lavender Essential Oil.. 100% Pure Lavender essential oil.. in 10ml bottles with dripulator.. 100ml bottles available on order.. Bulk sales.. also available.. Netherfield Lavender essential oil has many applications as Remedy or.. , and is of great assistance to the respiratory system.. For more info on the.. benefits of Lavender Oil.. see the Lavender Uses page.. Add.. 5ml bottles.. for $12.. 00 each.. 10ml bottles.. for $16.. 100ml bottles.. for $140.. 00 each.. Netherfield Lavender Mist.. Our Lavender Mist hydrosol is a 100% natural skin hydrator that provides instant relief for heat rash and sunburn, as well as other.. skin conditions.. The scent is more of a subtle plant & honey aroma differing to the stronger scent of an..  ...   Lotion.. Contains Lavender oil.. Lavender Shampoo with Conditioner.. Developed using Natural ingredients using 100% Pure Lavender Oil.. Heart Shaped Soap.. Netherfield 'Heart' Shaped Soap 100g.. Vegetable Soap with Lavender essential oil.. soaps.. for $14.. Round Enriching Lavender Soap.. Pleat wrapped round Soap, Vegetable Soap, with Lavender essential oil.. 25g soaps.. for $4.. 75g soaps.. for $6.. Small Gift Pack.. The small gift pack includes:.. 20g Lavender Sleep Balm, and.. 75g Enriching Lavender Soap.. Packs.. for $28.. Large Gift Pack.. 10mL Essential Lavender Oil.. 100g Heart Shaped Lavender Soap, and.. 125mL Luxurious Lavender Lotion.. for $56.. Lavender Sleep Balm.. Netherfield Lavender Gentle Sleep Balm has been developed to provide the calming relaxing properties of Netherfield's 100% pure Essential Lavender Oil in an easy to use balm formulation.. Place a small amount onto your fingertip and apply to your temples, pulse points and under nose.. 20g balm.. For wholesale enquiries please..

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  • Title: Lavender Photo Gallery
    Descriptive info: Lavender Gallery.. Lavender Field.. Lavender Harvest.. Lavender Processing..

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  • Title: Lavender Services | Distillery for contract steam distillation, Lavender Harvester for Contract harvesting
    Descriptive info: Lavender Services.. Lavender Distillery.. The Netherfield Distillery is available for contract steam distillation.. It is renowned for high yield distillation.. Lavender Harvester.. The Netherfield Lavender Harvester custom built for maximum efficiency is also.. available for contract harvesting.. It is a fast, efficient and reliable solution..

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  • Title: Contact Netherfield Lavender NZ, Producer of 100% Pure Lavender Oil
    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. Sales Marketing.. Phone: 0800 638 437.. Email:.. sales n.. Wholesale enquiries are welcome..

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  • Title: Lavender Oil Products from Netherfield Lavender, NZ | Stockists
    Descriptive info: Stockists of Netherfield Products.. Sorted by city, jump to:.. A.. B.. C.. D.. E.. G.. H.. K.. L.. M.. N.. O.. P.. R.. S.. T.. W.. Albany.. Albany Basin Chemist Unsworth.. , 108 Unsworth Drive Albany, Albany,.. Phone:.. 09 443 3881,.. Fax:.. 09 4433046.. Auckland.. Lambs Pharmacy.. , 173 Karangahape Road, Auckland.. Ponsonby Health Shop.. , 125 Ponsonby Road, Auckland,.. 09 376 2654,.. Email.. ,.. Website.. Bethlehem.. Bethlehem Health Tea Shop.. , State Highway 2, Bethlehem,.. 07 576 9442,.. 07 576 9445,.. Birkenhead.. Amethyst Lake.. , 40 Mokia Road Birkenhead, Birkenhead,.. 09 480 7753,.. 09 4199572,.. ,.. Blockhouse Bay.. Blockhouse Bay Healthworks.. , 534 Blockhouse Bay Road, Blockhouse Bay,.. Phone:.. 09 626 4915,.. Fax:.. Bombay.. Franklin Tourism Info Centre,.. Gt South Road Bombay, Bombay,.. 09 236 0670,.. 09 236 0580,.. Botany Downs.. Life Pharmacy Botany.. , Cnr Ti Rakau Te Irrangi Drive Botany, Botany Downs,.. 09 272 7700,.. 09 272 7701.. Browns Bay.. Candeliere,.. 1a Bute Road Browns Bay, Browns Bay,.. 09 478 9907.. Commodore Pharmacy,.. 47 Clyde Road Browns Bay, Browns Bay,.. 09 478 8331,.. 09 478 5479.. Skin Sensations,.. 218 Inverness Road Browns Bay, Browns Bay,.. 09 478 5651.. Cambridge.. Cambridge Country Store.. , 92 Victoria Street, Cambridge,.. 07 827 8715,.. 07 827 7247,.. Clevedon.. Clevedon Wool Shed,.. Cnr North Kawa Bat Road, Clevedon,.. 09 292 8615,.. Coromandel.. Cormandel Pharmacy,.. 89 Kapanga Road, Coromandel,.. 07 866 8702,.. 07 866 8712,.. Devonport.. Mothers Cupboard,.. 67 Victoria Road Devonport, Devonport,.. 09 445 6263,.. The Attic,.. 91 Vauxhall Road Devonport, Devonport,.. 09 445 0504.. Drury.. Shed 16.. , 64 Jesmond Road, Drury,.. 09 294 9340,.. 09 294 7519.. Ellerslie.. Ellerslie Pharmacy,.. 125 Main Road Ellerslie, Ellerslie,.. 09 579 5528,.. 09 579 5258,.. Glen Innes.. Cox Pharmacy.. , 2 Mayfair Lane, Glen Innes,.. 09 528 5146,.. 09 528 9134.. Great Barrier Island.. Out Post,.. Out Post RD1, Great Barrier Island,.. 09 429 0451,.. 09 429 0491.. Pigeon Post,.. Claris Mail Centre, Great Barrier Island,.. 09 429 0242.. Green bay.. Greenbay Book Shop.. , 58 Godfrey Road Green Bay, Green bay,.. 09 827 3663,.. 09 827 4304,.. Hamilton.. Heavenly Flowers.. , Chartwell Shopping Center, Hamilton,.. 07 855 1364,.. 07 855 1374,.. Kathrines.. , Shop 112 Chartwell Shopping Mall, Hamilton,.. 07 854 8340,.. 07 854 8340.. More Than Flowers.. , Rototuna Retail center, Hamilton,.. 07 855 8189,.. 07 855 8182.. Naturally Healthy.. , PO Box 7023, Hamilton,.. 07 958 3842,.. 07 839 1063,.. The French House.. , 548 River Road, Hamilton,.. 07 853 5325,.. 07 853 5320,.. Unichem Glenview,.. 143 Ohaupo Road, Hamilton,.. 07 843 6097,.. 07 843 6097.. Henderson.. Henderson Valley Pharmacy,.. 249 Henderson Valley Road, Henderson,.. 09 827 0892,.. 09 837 0892.. Highland Park.. Natural Health,.. Highland Park Shopping Cenre, Highland Park,.. 09 534 0445.. Hillsbough.. Hillsbourgh Pharmacy,.. 153a Hillsbourgh Road Hillsbourgh, Hillsbough,.. 9.. Howick.. Amcal John Savoy Pharmacy,.. 78 Vincent St Howick, Howick,.. 09 534 8262,.. 09 534 8262.. Amcal Main Street Pharmacy,.. 45 Picton Street, Howick,.. 09 535 6739,.. 09 537 9444,.. Styles of Howick.. , 139 Picton Street, Howick,.. 09 534 9897,.. Huntly.. Huntly Pharmacy,.. 123 Main Road, Huntly,.. 07 828 7008.. Katikati.. Bamboo Barn,.. Main Road Kaitkati, Katikati,.. 027 4504 751.. Unichem Katikati.. , Main Road Kaitkati, Katikati,.. 07 549 0611,.. 07 549 2705.. Lynmall.. Exhibionist,.. Lynn Mall Shopping Centre, Lynmall,.. Mairangi Bay.. Unichem Mairangi Bay,.. 433 Beach Road Mairangi Bay, Mairangi Bay,.. 09 478 8909,.. Manukau City.. Life Pharmacy Manukau,.. 4 Ronwood Ave Manukau, Manukau City,.. 09 262 1884,.. 09 2621660.. Manurewa.. Amcal Manurewa Medical Center.. ,  ...   426 4455.. Otorohonga.. Unichem Otorohonga.. , Main Road , Otorohonga,.. 07 873 7294.. Paeroa.. C'ee Moore.. , Cnr Hall Willoughby Street, Paeroa,.. 07 862 6467.. iSite Paeroa LP Cafe'.. , State Highway 2, Paeroa,.. 07 862 7773,.. L P Café Bar.. , Cnr State Highway 2 Seymour Street, Paeroa,.. 07 862 7773.. Quest,.. 94 Normanby Road, Pearoa,.. 07 862 9153.. Knicker Box,.. 52a Belmont Road, Pearoa,.. 07 862 9089,.. 07 862 9083.. Panmure.. Amcal Punmure Pharmacy.. , Panmure.. Papakura.. Pharmacy Plus 2006 Ltd,.. 161 Great South Road Papkura, Papakura,.. 09 298 7564,.. 09 298 7432,.. Papamoa.. Papamoa Pharmacy,.. 26 Gravatt Rd Papamoa, Papamoa,.. 07 572 0395,.. 07 572 0396.. Parnell.. Silk Tree.. , 4/333 Parnell Road, Parnell,.. 09 368 1333,.. Pukekohe.. Flowers Gifts,.. 94 King Street Pukekohe, Pukekohe,.. 09 238 7691,.. 09 238 7691.. iSite Pukekohe,.. Land Of Mecca.. , 251 King Street Pukekohe, Pukekohe,.. 09 238 7806.. Seddon Street Pharmacy,.. 67 Seddon Street Pukekohe, Pukekohe,.. 09 239 1415,.. 09 2391470,.. Raglan.. Raglan Pharmacy.. , 8 Bow Street, Raglan,.. 07 825 8164,.. 07 825 8864.. Remuera.. Canwalls Pharmacy,.. 573 Remuera Road Remuera, Remuera,.. 09 524 5483.. Rotorua.. Pharmacy West End.. , 227 Old Taupo Road, Rotorua,.. 07 348 7625,.. 07 349 2306,.. Royal Oak.. Unichem Royal Oak,.. 691 Manukau Road Royal Oak, Royal Oak,.. 09 634 3024.. Silverdale.. Silverdale Chemist,.. 4 Silverdale St,.. Silverdale,.. 09 426 6692.. Health by Logic.. , 20 Silverdale St, Silverdale,.. 09 421 1273,.. St Helier.. St Heliers Health Store.. , Shop 2 The Mall St Heliers, St Helier,.. 09 575 9289,.. 09 575 9289.. Tairua.. Tairua Pharmacy,.. 226 Main Road , Tairua,.. 07 864 8660.. Tauranga.. Amcal Mount Maunganui.. , Bay Fair Health 42 Girwen Road, Tauranga,.. 07 574 8645,.. 07 574 8749.. Gregs Pharmacy,.. 805 Cameron Road Tauranga, Tauranga,.. 07 578 5707,.. 07 578 5707.. Magnolia Minerals,.. 172 Greerton Road Greerton, Tauranga,.. 07 571 3981,.. Plaza Health.. , 11th Ave Shopping Plaza , Tauranga,.. 07 578 6826,.. 07 578 6825.. Unichem Johns Photo Pharmcy.. , Cnr Second Cameron Ave, Tauranga,.. 07 578 3566.. Te Aroha.. Unichem Te Aroha,.. Te Aroha, Te Aroha,.. 07 884 9517.. Te Kuiti.. The Violet Flame,.. 207 Rora Street, Te Kuiti,.. 07 878 7944.. Thames.. Aeroview Garden Center Gifts.. , Main Road, Thames,.. 07 868 7960,.. 07 868 8796,.. iSites Thames.. , 206 Pollen Street, Thames,.. 07 868 7251,.. 07 868 7584,.. Lotus Realm.. , 7 Pollen St , Thames,.. 07 868 5341,.. Papmer Me.. , 537a Pollen Street, Thames,.. 07 868 7058,.. Titirangi.. Fairy Flowershop,.. 423 Titirangi Road Titirangi, Titirangi,.. 09 8173780.. Titirangi Pharmacy,.. Titirangi Village Titirangi, Titirangi,.. 09 817 7658,.. 09 817 6087.. Tokoroa.. Albericos Resturant.. , cnr Logan Commerce Street, Tokoroa,.. 07 886 9457,.. 07 886 9057,.. Spectrum Pharmacy.. , 43 Bridge Street, Tokoroa,.. 07 886 8260.. Waihi.. Art Market.. , Main St, Waihi,.. 07 863 9010.. Barrons Unichem Pharmacy,.. 66 Seddon St, Waihi,.. 07 863 8317,.. 07 863 8317.. Warkworth.. The Warkworth Health Store.. , 15 Elizebeth St Warkworth, Warkworth,.. 09 425 8142.. Whangamata.. Garuda Clothing,.. Port Road, Whangamata,.. 07 865 9087,.. 07 865 9087.. Natures Candles,.. Whangamata,.. 07 865 8098.. Whangamata Info Site,.. 07 865 8340.. Whangarei.. Aunty Pamz,.. Shop 6 Quality St, Whangarei,.. 09 438 8347.. Otaika Pharmacy,.. Otaika Shopp Centre Otaika, Whangarei,.. 09 438 7835,.. 09 430 0393.. Waipu Pharmacy,.. 27 Main Road Waipu, Whangarei,.. 09 432 0035,.. 09 432 0719,.. Whitianga.. Creationz Mosaic.. , 53-55 Albert Street, Whitianga,.. 07 866 5224.. Mosiac Art Extreme.. , 1110 Rings Road, Whitianga,.. 07 866 5224..

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  • Title: Netherfield Organic Lavender Oil Certificate
    Descriptive info: Accreditation of Netherfield Lavender Oil.. In December 2005 we had our Netherfield Lavender Oil analysed.. Certificate of Analysis - Lavandin Oil.. The sample was analysed with simultaneous MS and FID detection.. Components were analysed by MS while percentages were determined by the more accurate FID.. The composition corresponds to that expected for natural oil of Lavandula hybrida,.. grosso.. type.. Odour quality is excellent and no trace of pesticides/herbicides were detected.. Dr.. Robert S.. Pappas.. A full itemised report may be available on request by.. contacting us..

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  • Title: Lavender and other interesting NZ Links | Links
    Descriptive info: Our Favourite Links.. Australian Lavender Industry.. The Herb Federation of New Zealand.. Holistic Local.. - Your local guide to holistic, green conscious living.. Wisdom Seekers of New Zealand.. - An oasis of peace and harmony.. Holistic Health Network.. - An online community for alternative health solutions.. www.. peakdirectory.. com.. - Peak Directory - find what you're looking for.. Icebreaker Clothing.. thermal underwear, merino wool sweaters and wool coats from wool clothing shop.. Thermal Underwear.. Icebreaker clothing including merion wool tops and wool sweaters.. Free shipping.. Ugg Boots.. offering a range of Emu Australia Ugg Boots and Sheepskin Slippers.. Made  ...   Peninsula.. L P Cafe Bar.. - New Zealand's own Iconic softdrink.. The Cafe has indoor/outdoor seating with a safe and secure play area for the littlies.. Pamper Me.. - Pamper Me is Thames' premier boutique day spa and beauty salon.. EMU boots.. - Your preferred online retailer for stylish sheepskin boots from EMU Australia.. Other Interesting Links.. Cactus Software, Nelson Web Design Hosting.. - Online Shops, Website Design, Software Development, Search Engine Optimisation.. Organic products from New Zealand.. , Online Shops.. Eat Right Foods Ltd.. - Organic and allergy sensitive Cakes and Cookies handcrafted here in Nelson, New Zealand..

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  • Title: Aromatherapy with Lavender Essential Oil
    Descriptive info: Aromatherapy with Lavender Essential Oil.. Essential Oils.. , the key ingredients in Aromatherapy.. Aromatherapy is the modern interpretation of this venerable practice, it uses pure essential oils, derived from plants, to sooth ailments and promote good health.. Storing and caring for essential oils.. Essential oils are extremely volatile, atffected by the environment, light, temperature, air and moisture..

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