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  • Title: Intro
    Descriptive info: I.. f you have problems displaying the site.. we recommend downloading Safari.. Quicktime essential for movie.. s.. All content Copyright.. ©.. Navigator Tours Ltd.. 2008..

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  • Title: Menu
    Descriptive info: NAVIGATOR TOURS.. Tena Koutou.. Nau mai, haere mai ki Navigator Tours:.. Bringing You the World of the Maori People.. Experiences.. Browse through our range of authentic experiences which we build into our custom tours and recommend.. More.. Enrichment.. Our customised tours and value-add for Incentives and Conferences Organisers by adding a Maori dimension.. Aotearoa - New Zealand.. Uncertain about the size of Aotearoa, or interested in the Maori language? You will find this and other information.. Kiwi Luxury.. The luxury of exceptional experiences matched with the finest in food, wine,  ...   services overseas.. At last a tourism company that understands and represents the indigenous view of “Nature, Culture, People and Place” in Aotearoa-New Zealand.. The enjoyment of a visit is based on three key elements: Maori people, Maori places, and Maori hospitality.. Together with our Maori partners, we are proud to deliver on the promise of real people, real life, and a really good time.. Ko wai? Who are you.. ?.. Leadership development, team building and cultural awareness through Tikanga Maori delivered by our specialist team.. Affiliated sites and services.. 2008-11..

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  • Title: Experiences
    Descriptive info: MAORI EXPERIENCES.. Indigenous Maori experiences are offered in many, many settings, as varied as a horse ride, a forest walk, when mountain biking or quad biking, at a luxury lodge, while sailing on a waka, or when visiting a marae.. Where and from what they are delivered.. are.. important.. But they are not the key to the Maori experience - it is the people who make the difference.. As the whakatauki (proverb) says,.. “He aha te mea o te Ao? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata.. ”.. (What is most important in the world? It is people, it is people, it is people).. Sailing  ...   we use when developing customised tours.. We are pleased to incorporate these services in our tours and happy to recommend them for individual purchase.. Navigator Tours is delighted to be the sole representative for the “Sailing with the Ancestors” products on the waka.. “Te Aurere”.. for inbound tour operators in New Zealand, for overseas wholesalers, and cruise ship operations.. to find out more about the waka.. to contact us to discuss on-selling the sailing products.. Arawai, the operator of the waka takes direct retail internet bookings, and deals direct with hotels, boutique accommodation, and the education sector.. for more information and to contact them..

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  • Title: Enrichment
    Descriptive info: ENRICHMENT.. Experience Aotearoa-New Zealand through a fresh perspective of the indigenous Maori on Nature, culture, people and place.. Some examples are shown below, but this is just a tiny sample of what is possible.. Contact us.. today to start planning for your unforgettable experience.. Enhance your rewards programmes by adding a cultural dimension with Maori experiences that give enduring memories and reinforce commitment.. We invite you to bring your clients to the youngest freshest destination in the world for the time of their lives.. Navigator Tours is a Destination Specialist.. Years of nurturing relationships has given unprecedented access to private and secluded places and people not normally available to the visitor.. We offer a series of private and exclusive enrichment experiences around the country as customised tours, as incentive programmes, and  ...   driver-guide and luxury vehicle can be provided for whatever time is required.. Koru Welcome.. A visitor’s first contact should be memorable emotional.. An exceptional transfer.. Nga Manu.. See Auckland’s best birding sites and enrich with a Maori dimension.. Incentives.. Conferences.. Food and Wine.. Contemporary Maori food and wine adds a cultural dimension to Aotearoa’s cuisine.. Manaakitanga.. Learn about Maori around the dinner table with passionate and interesting people.. Indigenous Art.. Let us showcase some of the traditional and contemporary arts.. Powhiri.. The formal element of greeting in Maori culture makes a bi-cultural statement.. Gala Evenings.. Bring it all together with food, wine and entertainment in exceptional settings.. Atmosphere.. Use Maori arts, and design to differentiate and to create atmosphere.. Image gallery - click on images to download pdfs.. Contact us now..

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  • Title: Aotearoa
    Descriptive info: KUPE DISCOVERS AOTEAROA.. “The voyaging waka settles in readiness, food, seed and small animals, garments, cutting implements and our fire-rocks are ready.. All the old teachings are gathered as well.. ”.. “At sea the nights of discovery are so deep that we feel collapsed within them.. The spiritual lore we are under means there is little separation between worlds.. In navigating both the great ocean and our fears we look within, or above to the gleaming pathways of Ranginui, the parent sky.. “We tell stories of the distant ancestor, Mäui, who fished up the land we must surely see soon; of the time that one of our ancient grandmothers took back power that was stolen and used it to look after the spirits of the dead.. One of my uncles claims our relation had no need  ...   Her infinite watchfulness meant she noticed the unusual wisps of cloud that lay stretched in the sky, and, beneath, the first etchings of an expanse that confirmed our beliefs.. Her cry rang into the clear air.. He Ao! He Aotea! He Aotearoa! (A cloud! A white cloud! A long white cloud!) And so the sanctuary appearing before us was named Aotearoa, (land of the) long white cloud.. (Interpreted by: Roma Potiki).. Genesis.. Te Po nui, Te Po roa, Te Po uriuri, Te Po Kerekere.. Te Reo Maori.. Some words and phrases, and some useful links to help you learn maori.. Maori Places.. Information on significant places in Aotearoa - New Zealand.. Geography.. Uncertain about the size of Aotearoa or in search of some background.. Links.. Seeking the All Blacks haka, Moana, Traditional songs or ocean voyaging?..

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  • Title: Contact
    Descriptive info: CONTACT.. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss anything that you have seen on this site or any related topics please contact:.. Navigator Tours Ltd 2008.. John Panoho.. Marketing Director.. 553 Richmond Road.. Grey Lynn.. AUCKLAND 1021.. Aotearoa-New Zealand.. Phone: +64 (9) 817 1191.. Email:.. john@navigatortours.. co.. nz..

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  • Title: Directory
    Descriptive info: Kite Fishing Tour:.. Like many indigenous people, Maori have a special affinity to the land (whenua) and sea (moana) with fishing (hii ika) being an important food source over our unique and colourful history.. TIME Unlimited’s kite-fishing tour supports sustainable fishing.. More.. DIRECTORY.. We are delighted to incorporate these services in our customised tours and pleased to recommend them for individual purchase.. PLEASE NOTE: We.. don’t.. sell individual experiences direct ourselves.. Follow the links for booking information and please quote NT009 when booking.. Maori Cultural Experience at Wairakei Terraces:.. discover key elements of Maori culture including traditional welcome (powhiri) arts and crafts, dinner cooked in earth oven (hangi) and cultural performance at Wairakei, just north of Taupo in the central North Island.. Self Guided Tour at Wairakei Terraces:.. a one hour tour of the Wairakei Terraces Walkway.. Enjoy the stories and history of the local tribes in a spectacular geothermal setting.. Features include the Terraces, famous for healing pools, geyser, animal park and carving house featuring carvers at work.. Marae Time:.. This weekend experience involves Auckland area sightseeing and an authentic introduction to Maori culture and heritage in a living Marae (Maori meeting place) setting.. There are no actors or stage props involved in this tour and all Manuhiri (visitors) will have the opportunity to.. Greater Auckland Tour:.. TIME Unlimited’s guests will first experience a private tour in a luxury 4WD vehicle to see some of the stunning sights that Auckland and its outlying areas have to offer.. From spectaculars views of our harbour city atop several of Auckland’s well-known volcanic landmarks.. Guided Wilderness Walk and Dinner:.. TIME Unlimited’s guided walking wilderness tours allows our guests to walk (hikoi) around the unique Waitakere ranges in West Auckland and see firsthand and up-close and personal the native flora and fauna while taking in some of the breath-taking landscape.. Flounder Spearing  ...   and waters of Rotorua are renowned for their curative and invigorating properties―and this is particularly so at “Hell's Gate” (Tikitere) - Rotorua’s most active geothermal reserve - for more than 700 years a special place of wellness.. Sunset Over Waitangi:.. Come join us at our Maori village on the banks of the Waitangi River.. It is twilight and the sunsets over our traditional Maori village, from the moment you come aboard our Waka you begin a voyage of discovery into the heart and soul of our ancient culture and Heritage.. Haruru Falls Waka:.. Departing from the Waitangi bridge you will feel the spiritually of the Maori warrior as you paddle your way up the peaceful and tranquil estuaries of the Waitangi River aboard a 50 ft traditional-style Maori Waka (canoe).. Heading right to the foot of the Haruru Falls.. Tamaki Hikoi:.. For years, Maori from local Ngati Whatua tribe have passed down, from generation to generation, sacred tribal history, traditions and ancient stories.. Guides from the Ngati Whatua tribe re-tell these ancient and sacred stories on the Tamaki Hikoi - a walking tour through Auckland.. Whirinaki Wilderness Walk:.. Embark upon a journey of enlightenment, entertainment and education in one of New Zealand’s least-used wilderness areas and the memories of this overnight excursion in the vast woodlands of Te Urewera will remain with you forever.. TIA Moana:.. Awhitu Peninsula (translated; a longing to Return), boasts the largest peninsula in the Auckland region.. Your guided tour will include an exclusive charter along the Manukau Harbor.. Known to the Maori people as Te Manukanuka o Hoturoa with extensive local Maori and European history.. TIA Whenua:.. Whenua tour leaving from Auckland will begin with a cruise across the picturesque Manukau Harbor to Awhitu Peninsula, where you will take part in activities including historical and organic guided tours, meeting local artists and enjoying local cuisine..

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  • Title: Te Aurere
    Descriptive info: TE AURERE - A GENUINE VOYAGING CANOE.. Te Aurere is a Waka Hourua (double-hulled ocean-going canoe) built in 1991-2 along traditional lines, from two giant kauri trees hauled from the Herekino State Forest.. Not one nail or bolt was used in her construction as she is lashed together in the manner of waka that used to ply between Aotearoa and the central Pacific Islands.. One of the advantages of this type of construction is that it gives her flexibility in rough seas.. Te Aurere was built at Aurere in the Far North of Aotearoa by Hekenukumai (Hector) Ngaiwi Puhipi Busby.. The waka is 57 feet (17.. 4m) long and 18 feet (5.. 5 m) wide.. Depending on the how far the waka is sailing, she typically has a crew between six and 12 including the captain and navigator.. Her first voyage after some local sailing in Doubtless Bay was the 1,700 nautical mile trip to Rarotonga for the South Pacific Arts Festival in October 1992.. Te Aurere has now sailed over 30,000 nautical miles.. Celestial navigation is a key part of traditional wayfinding used by the ancient Maori to populate the South Pacific.. Wayfinding uses the stars, sun, wave action, ocean currents, wind and birds to make long passages across the Pacific Ocean.. Te Aurere is navigated using these traditional methods.. The waka also has a compass, radio and GPS which are required by law before a vessel can leave New Zealand waters.. On a voyage the radio operator uses the GPS to fix the waka’s position for daily reports to its home base.. But the navigator is never told and relies instead on his wayfinding skills.. Polynesian Wayfinding.. European recognition of the prowess of Polynesian navigators dates back to James Cook who investigated sailing and navigation in Tahiti in 1769.. His main source was Tupa'ia who told Cook how they sailed their canoes and navigated using the stars, moon and sun.. Tupa'ia also gave him sailing directions to islands as far away as the Marquesas to the northwest, the Australs to the South and at least as far west as Samoa, Fiji and Rotuma.. Cook was apparently very  ...   celebrated in Hawaiian oral traditions could be made in a replica of an ancient voyaging canoe without using instruments.. Hokule’a was navigated on this voyage by Mau Piailug from the Caroline Island of Satawal in Micronesia, considered to be the greatest exponent of traditional navigation still living.. On the return leg from Tahiti was Nainoa Thompson who has gone on with Mau to lead a renaissance in waka voyaging.. Over the next four years, spending many thousands of hours studying the night sky as well as months of intensive tutelage by Mau, Nainoa developed a workable system of navigation based upon traditional methods but incorporating some unique (but non-instrument) methods of observing the stars he had worked out for himself.. Nainoa has since trained navigators from around the Pacific including Jack Thatcher and Piripi Evans of Te Aurere.. Jack Thatcher, working with the captain of Te Aurere, Stanley Conrad, now conducts regular wananga for people who wish to learn the ancient arts of wayfinding and waka sailing.. For other evidence on migration patterns see:.. Underhill, P.. A.. , G.. Passarino, A.. A.. Lin, S.. Marzuki, P.. J.. Oefner, L.. Cavalli-Sforza, and G.. K.. Chambers, (2001), Maori Origins, Y Chromosome Haplotypes and Implications for Human History in the Pacific, Human Mutation, 17:271-280.. DOWNLOADS.. Click on the following titles to download more information about waka building and sailing in Aotearoa:.. Hekenukumai profile.. (206kb).. Te Aurere montage.. (786kb).. Waka Tradition Helps Young.. (275kb).. Centre to support culturally-based development.. (241kb).. New waka pictorial summary.. (3844kb).. Lack of wind slows International Classic Yatch Race.. (466kb).. Te Aurere at Around Alone Stopover.. (1368kb).. Traditional waka helps dispel myths.. pdf.. (268kb).. A friend of traditional wayfinding passes on.. (907kb).. Hekenukumai leads carving project at Te Kauhanga marae.. (1789kb).. Voyagers party networks Maori businesses.. (440kb).. The papers are stored as PDF files.. You need Acrobat Reader to open them.. If you don't have it, simply.. click here.. to go to the.. free download page.. LINKS.. to visit the website of the waka building and sailing society, Te Tai Tokerau Tarai Waka Inc.. To visit the website of the Polynesian Voyaging Society,.. for an audio-visual presentation on Polynesian Migrations..

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  • Title: Custom Tour Programmes
    Descriptive info: CUSTOM TOUR PROGRAMMES.. Navigator specialises in custom tours.. Some examples are shown below but this is just a tiny sample of what is possible.. Contact us today to start planning for your unforgettable experience.. Navigator Take-A-Guide:.. three lines of descriptive text go here three lines of descriptive text go here  ...   descriptive text go here three lines of descriptive text go here three lines of descriptive text go here three lines of descriptive text go here.. Download Brochure.. Navigator Tours Ltd 2008-9.. Koru Welcome:.. Nga Manu O Tamaki Makaurau:.. Northern War:.. Manaakitanga (Maori Hospitality):.. Nga Toi Toka: Rock Art at Weka Pass:..

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  • Title: Incentives
    Descriptive info: INCENTIVES.. Navigator Tours provides a wide range of Incentives with a Maori Cultural dimension.. Powhiri:.. Traditional Maori Welcome.. three lines of descriptive text go here three lines of descriptive text go here three lines of descriptive text go here three lines of descriptive text go here three lines of descriptive text go here three lines of descriptive text go here.. Food and Wine:.. Fusion of Traditional and contemporary food  ...   a Maori village or be hosted at traditional Maori marae.. three lines of descriptive text go here three lines of descriptive text go here three lines of descriptive text go here three lines of descriptive text go here three lines of descriptive text go here three lines of descriptive.. Creating Atmosphere:.. For welcome, gala, or farewell dinner venues.. Indigenous Art:.. Leading Maori artists who have earned the Toi Ihu mark..

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