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  • Title: Mil-tek New Zealand - The leading Baler
    Descriptive info: .. MIL-TEK RECYCLING SOLUTIONS / BALERS & COMPACTORS.. ABOUT US.. /.. SITEMAP.. FREE PHONE 0508 MILTEK (645 835).. Balers for Sale, Lease or Rent.. NZ 2013.. PRODUCTS.. AIR POWERED BALERS.. GENERAL WASTE COMPACTORS.. POLYSTYRENE COMPACTORS.. CAN CRUSHER 101 / Cans, Buckets & Drums.. MILL SIZE H500/H600 COMPACTORS.. CONSUMABLES.. BUSINESSES.. Retail.. Bars / Restaurants / Hotels.. Food / Catering.. Production / Manufacturing.. Schools / Colleges.. Distribution / Logistics.. Building / Construction.. Automotive.. Recyclers.. Offshore Waste Recycling.. MATERIALS.. Cardboard Recycling.. Plastic Recycling.. Food Waste / General Waste.. Polystyrene Recycling.. Cans / Buckets / Drums.. VIDEOS.. Featured Testimonial Videos.. WHY MIL-TEK?.. SUSTAINABILITY.. environomics.. Health & Safety Policy.. ISO 14001 Certified.. SITE SURVEY.. CONTACT.. Mil-tek NZ Employees.. WHAT BUSINESS ARE YOU IN?.. Retail?.. Bar / Restaurant /  ...   Want to d.. iscover all our different.. video solutions across Waste Types,.. Businesses and Baler Models?.. Click here.. CHOOSE YOUR.. BUSINESS.. WASTE.. CHOOSE MORE.. MIL-TEK IN SCHOOLS.. Manurewa High School.. Aorere College.. MIL-TEK BENEFITS.. Nationwide Service.. Buy, Lease or Rent.. Free Trial.. Free Site Survey.. Ongoing Training Support.. TESTIMONIALS.. Mil-tek H600 Solution at New World Remuera.. Find out more.. NEWS.. ARCHIVE.. ENVIRONOMICS.. CONCEPT.. GO SOCIAL.. WITH US.. Visit us at Foodtech 2014.. In Mil-tek we believe it s possible to combine care for the environment with profitable business conduct.. We call it Environmental Concern with Common Sense.. Subscribe to The Glow.. Mil-tek New Zealand Newsletter.. Mil-tek NZ Ltd.. / FREE Phone 0508 MILTEK (645 835) / E-mail: / © Mil-tek International A/S 2012..

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  • Title: About Mil-tek Worldwide
    Descriptive info: ABOUT MIL-TEK - THE GLOBAL SUPPLIER OF UNIQUE WASTE SOLUTIONS.. For many years I was managing a busy supermarket in Denmark.. On a daily basis a lot of time and money was spent on handling cardboard and plastic waste.. The more successful the supermarket was, the more waste we generated.. The amount of time spent on handling waste increased and so did the space required for skips and bins in the customer parking lot.. The first thing that my customers would see should not be a bin, so I started looking for a solution.. The hydraulic balers available in the market did not meet my requirements.. They were big, complicated, noisy, messy and expensive.. What I was looking for, was a baler that was simple, safe and easy to use, quiet and environmental friendly.. It seemed that if I wanted all of these unique features in one baler, I would have to develop one myself.. I was challenged to do something about the problem and developed the first Mil-tek baler.. I built a small, simple, efficient baler powered by compressed air.. The baler met my expectations and turned out to be even more unique than imagined.. I had solved my waste problem and the team in the supermarket was quite pleased about the solution.. Soon other supermarket managers heard about the waste solution and were interested in a baler similar  ...   made it easy to follow the dream.. My wife and I decided to pursue this opportunity and set balers in production that could handle an increasing waste problem.. In 1992 Mil-tek was established.. That is how it all started.. The original model has grown into a range of 19 different models of balers and waste compactors, made in Denmark with precision by the use of robotic technology and sold globally through a distribution of Mil-tek partners.. Our customers choose our balers for many reasons; to earn more revenue, to cut waste handling costs, to improve internal logistics, to save space, to improve the environment or even when it comes to kitchen waste, to improve the hygienic environment.. The Mil-tek solution compacts the waste and reduces the number of skips and bins dramatically.. Quality is our main focus.. This is the main reason why Mil-tek serve more customers than anyone else when it comes to balers and waste compactors.. Together with the customer we take pride in finding the right waste solution and its financial impact.. The result is the most economically sensible solution possible, as well as the most environmentally friendly balers.. We call this environmental concern with common sense or ENVIRONOMICS.. Kristian Skannerup.. Founder CEO of Mil-tek.. MIL-TEK - IN NUMBERS.. Number of Countries: 31.. Number of Franchise/Distibutor Businesses Worldwide: 60.. Environmental Concern.. Common Sense.. TM.. BECOME A.. DISTRIBUTOR..

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  • Title: Mil-tek New Zealand - SITEMAP
    Descriptive info: THE GLOW..

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  • Title: Mil-tek New Zealand - The leading Baler
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  • Title: Balers and Compactors for cardboard, plastic and paper
    Descriptive info: FIND THE RIGHT SOLUTION FOR YOUR WASTE.. Mil-tek offers a comprehensive selection of balers and waste presses to manage all types of waste streams.. Our range of Balers, Compactors and Waste Presses can both reduce waste handling costs and increase your company s overall efficiency in waste handling.. For more information, please select the More Details button from the Air Powered Baler, Mixed Waste Compactor, Hydraulic Mill Size Baler, Electro-Mechanical Baler and EPS Press sections.. Alternatively, contact us directly for more information.. AIR POWERED/PNUEMATIC BALERS.. Ideal for compacting Cardboard, Plastic and other packaging waste.. Starting with the small footprint 102 baler smaller than a fridge and moving up to the 509HD for large volumes of cardboard and plastic! They can fit into almost any business.. Start Baling.. Start Saving - today.. ADVANTAGES.. 1.. Small Footprint.. 2..  ...   restaurants and hotels or anywhere food or garbage bags are produced.. Safe and Easy to use.. Improve Hygiene and Sanitation.. Reduce Skips and Bins.. Easy to Clean No Electrical Parts.. Reduce Waste Costs.. HYDRAULIC MILL SIZE BALERS.. For compacting large volumes of cardboard and paper waste for maximizing transport efficiency.. Produces Mill Size Bales designed for Euro Pallets.. Large door opening to fill baler quickly.. High powered hydraulic technology.. Can also do PET, Aluminum Cans and Plastic.. Extra long piston stoke.. EPS COMPACTORS.. For reducing and compacting bulky EPS waste, also known as Polystyrene, Thermcol and Styrofoam.. Reduces EPS by 40:1.. Compacted EPS can then be disposed of in a cost effective manner.. High resale value of EPS in certain markets.. Ideal for electronic goods stores, fruit/veg and fish/meat packaging.. Can reduce up to 80kg per hour..

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  • Title: air-powered balers and compactors for cardboard and plastic waste
    Descriptive info: AIR POWERED BALERS FOR CARDBOARD, PLASTIC, PAPER AND MORE.. Mil-tek offer the most comprehensive and flexible line of balers for compacting.. cardboard.. ,.. plastic,.. paper.. and other packaging material.. Mil-tek Air-Powered balers have a very small footprint, being suitable for.. all types of business facilities.. (from Gas stations to Manufacturing or Distribution Centers).. Click baler to get more information.. Model 102.. Bale Weight.. Plastic 160 kg.. Cardboard 40 kg.. Model 205TS.. Plastic 100 kg.. Cardboard 50 kg.. Model 305.. Plastic 180 kg.. Cardboard 100 kg.. Model 306.. Plastic 250 kg.. Cardboard 200 kg.. Model 509HD.. Plastic 400 kg.. Cardboard 300 kg.. ADVANTAGE OF AIR POWER.. The Mil-tek range of Air Powered Balers and.. General Waste Compactors.. provide a  ...   Hospitals, Kitchens and other food preparation areas.. Mil-tek Balers are also safe and easy to use and maintain, and their small footprint enables them to be located in any type of business.. AND CONSTANT PRESSURE.. Mil-tek Air Powered Balers use constant pressure to make dense bales whilst using low energy consumption.. Mil-tek balers lock the pressing plate in the down position while the door is closed, this creates constant pressure which makes material such as plastic lose its memory.. This makes it much faster and easier to load more material and therefore make a bale faster and denser compared with a typical hydraulic Baler.. M.. il-tek Air Powered Balers are equipped with the patent ECOdrive Energy Saving System..

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  • Title: X-Press Waste Compactors - Ideal for General Waste and Kitchen Waste
    Descriptive info: X-PRESS GENERAL WASTE COMPACTORS.. Mil-tek X-Press General Waste Compactors offer unique solutions for compacting general waste, including food waste into manageable plastic bag, achieving an effective volume reduction ratio of up to 10:1.. These general waste compactors can conveniently be located either close to the source of waste or in a designated area for the bags to be placed directly into skips and bins.. As they use no hydraulic oils they can be placed in the kitchen area and waste can be handled as it is created.. Compacting mixed waste at source and inside the building has the following benefits which can have a major impact on the hygiene, safety and general environmental atmosphere on a standard kitchen / food related business:.. Improved hygiene and sanitation.. Improved Internal Logisitcs.. Improved staff safety.. Savings on less skips - Reduced skip, collection frequency.. Reduce bad odours and pests from skips/bins  ...   1825 mm.. 1670 mm.. 1750 mm.. Width.. 710 mm.. 830 mm.. 675 mm.. 810 mm.. Depth.. 725 mm.. 800 mm.. 1155 mm.. 1475 mm.. DIAMETER OF DRUM.. Ø: 450 mm.. Ø: 570 mm.. WEIGHT OF FULL BAG.. Up to 50 kg.. Up to 60 kg.. DRUM DIMENSION.. 600 mm.. Ø.. 450 mm.. 570 mm.. WEIGHT.. 105 kg.. 135 kg.. 107 kg.. 147 kg.. PRESSURE.. 1500 kg at 5 bar.. DEGREE OF COMPRESSION.. 90%.. NOISE LEVEL.. 70 dB(A).. APPROVAL.. CE, GS and AS/NZ 4024.. 1.. CE.. DOWNLOAD MODEL X-PRESS GENERAL WASTE COMPACTOR BROCHURE.. Click.. to download.. brochure.. GENERAL WASTE COMPACTOR MODEL X-PRESS VIDEO SOLUTIONS.. IHOP (USA).. General Waste Compactor Model XP for General/Kitchen Waste.. Toyota Car Dealer (USA).. General Waste Compactor Model XP for Kitchen Waste.. Stone Bridge High School (USA).. General Waste Compactor Model XP for General Waste.. Mil-tek Middle East / E-mail: / Mil-tek International A/S 2012..

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  • Title: EPS Compactors - Special Designed for EPS Waste (Expandable Polystyrene)
    Descriptive info: POLYSTYRENE COMPACTOR MODELS EPS-900 AND EPS-1800.. Ideal compactors for compacting expanded polystyrene, sytrofoam and thermocol, designed to reduce waste costs throughout many business sectors.. EPS is used for packaging in many industries as it protects valuable items during transportation.. The problem comes when businesses look to dispose of unwanted polystyrene packaging as the material is light and hard to dispose of.. As compacted polystyrene is quite valuable, recycling is by far the best route offering substantial savings when compared to placing in general waste, landfill bins / skips.. BROCHURES.. TECHNICAL DATA - POLYSTYRENE COMPACTORS MODEL EPS-900 AND EPS-1800.. EPS-900.. EPS-1800.. Height:.. 2180 mm.. 2390 mm.. Width:  ...   2 x 3 kW.. AMP.. 5,1 A.. 14 A.. POWER.. 3 phase - 400 V.. 290 kg.. 860 kg.. MATERIAL.. Only EPS 6.. Expanded Polystyrene.. CAPACITY.. Up to 15 kg per hour.. Up to 70 kg per hour.. DEGREE OF COMPACTION.. Min.. 20:1 measured on weight.. VOLUME REDUCTION.. 40:1 measured on fruit or fish boxes.. BLOCK DIMENSION, IN (H x W).. 137 x 137.. 270 x270.. DENSITY.. 10-30 kg.. pr.. m3 (10-30 gram/litre).. CE and AS/NZ 4024.. 1.. DOWNLOAD POLYSTYRENE COMPACTOR BROCHURE.. Click to download.. POLYSTYRENE COMPACTOR VIDEO SOLUTIONS.. Nonstop (IT distributor).. Model EPS-900.. Skousen.. (White Goods Retail).. JG Trading (Fish Industry).. Model EPS-1800 for Fish Boxes..

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  • Title: Can Crusher Model 101 - Cans, buckets and drums
    Descriptive info: CAN CRUSHER MODEL 101 - CAN CRUSHER FOR CANS, BUCKETS AND DRUMS.. The Mil-tek Model 101 Can Crusher is the perfect solution for compacting Cans, Buckets and Drums, to offer an effective reduction volume of up to 90%.. As the 101 has no electric parts, the Mil-tek Can Crusher is easy to clean and maintain - the small footprint means it can be conveniently installed in any location.. Some Cans contain hazardous waste such as oil or paint, and their safe removal can be very expensive.. By using the Mil-tek Can Crusher to dramatically reduce the  ...   business costs by up to 80%.. TECHNICAL DATA - CAN CRUSHER MODEL 101.. HEIGHT.. 1990 mm.. WIDTH.. 470 mm.. DEPTH.. 440 mm.. H:.. W:.. 360 mm.. D:.. 350 mm.. WEIGHT INCL.. LEGS.. 94 kg.. Cans/drums of up to 30 litres.. 2250 kg at 8 bar.. 85 - 90%.. 57-60 dB.. CE and GS.. DOWNLOAD CAN CRUSHER MODEL 101 BROCHURE.. CAN CRUSHER MODEL 101 VIDEO SOLUTIONS.. Rosenlund Hospital.. Can Crusher Model 101 for Tins and Cans.. Hörby Bilplaat (Auto Repair).. Can Crusher Model 101 Paint Cans.. Can Crusher DEMO.. Can Crusher Model 101 for Tins and Cans..

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  • Title: Mill Size H500/H600 Compactors - Ideal for Large Waste Materials
    Descriptive info: The Mil-tek H500 is one of the most effective Mill Size balers on the market, making bales of up to 450kg that fit perfectly on a Euro pallet.. The extra long piston stroke and large door opening means bales can be made quickly and easily.. The Mil-tek H500 can use regular 19mm banding or steel wire.. The Mil-tek H500 is the ideal baler for use in logistics.. The baler can quickly make dense, mill size bales of either cardboard or plastic that can be then sent directly to mills for final recycling.. Benefits.. Ideal Bale Size to maximize use of transport.. Multipurpose usage Cardboard, Plastic and PET.. Multiple pressing options.. Up to 90% Compaction..  ...   550 mm.. WIDTH: 1200 mm.. WIDTH: 1160 mm.. DEPTH: 780 mm.. HEIGHT FROM FLOOR: 940 mm.. HEIGHT FROM FLOOR.. : 1180 mm.. 50 tons.. 60 tons.. BALE WEIGHT.. 350 - 450 kg.. 350 - 500 kg.. BALE SIZE.. HEIGHT: 800-1100 mm.. HEIGHT: 1100 mm.. WIDTH: 1200 mm.. DEPTH: 800 mm.. 85-90 %.. CE GS.. DOWNLOAD MILL SIZE H500 / H600 COMPACTOR BROCHURES.. Click.. to download H500.. brochure.. to download H600.. BALER MILL SIZE H500 / H600 COMPACTOR VIDEO SOLUTIONS.. ABC Lavpris (Denmark).. Mill Size H600 Compactor for Cardboard.. at.. Danish Supermarket ABC Lavpris.. Mill Size H500 P.. E.. T.. Trial (Dubai).. A trial on compacting P.. Bottles.. directly into the Mill Size H500 Compactor..

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  • Title: Baler Parts & Accessories for Balers from Mil-tek New Zealand
    Descriptive info: ONLINE MIL-TEK CONSUMABLES AND ACCESSORIES - ORDER FORM.. To order any of our accessories or consumables just complete the easy form.. Mil-tek Original Banding.. Our banding is tested to the highest safety standard levels they have a breaking strength of 380kg per band.. Length per coil:.. Coil diameter:.. Breaking strength:.. Colour:.. 13 mm.. 350 m.. 60 mm.. 380 kp.. White.. Plastic Bag Stand.. The Mil-tek bag stand is an effective container for handling a range of plastic types.. Our bag stand is made of solid galvanized steel with a funnel shaped opening to make filling and storage extremely easy.. Model 240L Galvanized.. Model 240L Blue.. Model 125L Mini..  ...   (PBS Bags).. Replacement bags for the large bag stand: 1 box = 10 rolls.. Replacement bags for the small bag stand: 1 box=15 rolls.. X-Press Compactor Replacement Bags.. Cost effective Mil-tek X-Press bags are reliably strong and versatile.. X-Press 100.. X-Press 200.. X-Press 300.. 1 box = 10 rolls.. Each roll is made up of 10 bags.. ORDER FORM.. Original banding.. Select type.. 13 mm x 350 m - 6 rolls (breaking strength 380 kg).. 9 mm x 350 m - 6 rolls (breaking strength 275 kg).. Number of boxes.. Wire Banding.. Plastic Bag Stand.. PBS Bags.. X-Press Bags.. Address.. City.. Post code.. Phone.. Customer ID.. Order Number.. Message..

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