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  • Title: Tantillus Stud
    Descriptive info: .. Tantillus Stud.. Highlands.. Donkeys.. Belties.. Herefords.. About Us.. Contact Us.. Gallery.. Location.. Welcome to Tantillus Stud.. Situated at the foot of the southern end of the Ruahine s and 7km from Woodville, home of Te Apiti wind farm, Tantillus Stud is:.. Your One Stop for Miniature Stock.. Our aim is to breed animals of excellent genetics and health; quiet temperament and easy to handle.. To achieve this, we have sourced only the best bloodlines from New Zealand foundation Breeders.. We presently offer  ...   traits but without a doubt, these little animals cross all our T s.. They are absolutely the cutest, easy maintenance, quiet, appealing, enjoyable animals we have ever encountered.. To meet one of these miniature breeds, is to fall instantly in love with them.. Watch our video if you don t believe us!.. Please investigate our site further and if you have any further questions do not hesitate to.. contact us.. Bruce and Dimi Cooper.. Copyright Tantillus Stud.. Website Designed by.. Pete Smithies Media..

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  • Title: Highlands
    Descriptive info: Miniature Highland Cattle.. Today s Mini Highlanders are descended from Kyloes Highland West Highland cattle - Kyloes are primarily black and West highland cattle refers to the Hebrides Island to the west of Scotland.. Known for their even temperament, strong mothering instincts, ease of calving and low maintenance, the Mini Highlanders are destined to be one of the most sought after mini cattle.. Once an ancient and forgotten species, these new cattle are sure to find a good home in the modern world.. Cows can be bred  ...   of an Ewok, from Star Wars and will melt the heart of all.. Height at maturity is 42inches {measurement taken at hip/hook bone}.. Mini Highland cattle come in a wide range of colours:.. Red, Yellow, Black, Dun, White, and Brindle.. Needs:.. Pasture grass and hay when required.. Mineral / salt block when required.. Shelter/shade.. Clean fresh water.. Regular worming and vaccinations ie.. Leptospirosis.. Reason to own a mini Highlander:.. Hardiness.. Extremely strong maternal instinct.. Adaptability.. Excellent feed conversion.. Temperament.. Calves have.. been described as.. just like.. Teddy bears..

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  • Title: Donkeys
    Descriptive info: American Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys.. The American Miniature Mediterranean {AMMD} donkey is its own breed;.. they are not bred down in size from standard donkeys.. They are native to the islands of Sicily and Sardinia.. These little donkeys are the absolute ultimate in a companion or lifestyle pet.. First and foremost attraction is their loving personalities.. They demand attention and form close attachment to their owners.. They have an incredibly sweet and gentle nature and are curious to the max.. This personality makes them easy to train..  ...   brown, black and red seeming to be the most common.. At maturity, they should be maximum of 36 inches at the wither.. Males are called Jacks and females- jennet {pronounced jenny}.. The Jenny should not be bred until the age of 3yrs and gestation is 11- 13 months.. Shelter shed / stable.. Pasture grass and good quality hay when required.. Mineral / salt block.. Regular teeth checks and worming.. Hooves trimmed every 8-12 weeks depending on conditions.. the absolute ultimate in a companion.. or lifestyle.. pet..

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  • Title: Belties
    Descriptive info: Belted Galloways or Belties.. Galloways are a hardy breed originating from Scotland as early as the 16th century.. They are recognized as the oldest naturally polled {hornless} beef cattle breed in the world.. They are on the Livestock Conservation list of endangered breeds, which only in 2007 were taken off the Critical list.. Belties are a solid colour with a white belt mainly  ...   Height at maturity should be 42inches maximum at the hook {hip} bone.. Cows can be bred 18 / 24mths and the resulting calf is Panda Bear cute.. Mineral / salt block when needed.. Shelter / shade.. Regular parasite control and vaccinations i.. e.. leptospirosis.. Reasons to own a Beltie:.. Longevity.. Naturally horned.. Docility.. Feed conversion efficiency.. the resulting.. calf is.. Panda Bear.. cute..

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  • Title: Herefords
    Descriptive info: Miniature Hereford.. The Hereford is a breed of beef cattle, predominantly red in colour with a white face.. They were developed in the area of Hereford, England, 250 years ago.. In 1970, the Largent family of Texas, breeders of the Old Style smaller chunky Herefords, decided to try breeding for Miniatures.. Today s miniatures owe their existence to this family.. In 1997, embryos  ...   stock in New Zealand.. Shelter /shade.. Regular parasite control and vaccinations ie.. Reasons to own a Miniature Hereford:.. Early maturing; cows may be bred at 15 / 18mths of age.. High fertility.. Hardiness.. Quiet and adaptable.. Miniature Hereford bulls are gaining popularity in the dairy industry for using over dairy heifers to produce low birth weight beef cross calves.. are hardy,.. quiet.. and.. adaptable..

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  • Title: About Us
    Descriptive info: Bruce, born and raised on a dairy farm, had spent his whole life within the industry until recently, when a pivotal decision was made to change direction.. For Bruce, breeding and raising dairy/beef is in the blood, he has always striven for excellent genetics, resulting in quiet temperaments in all his animals.. Dimi, born and raised in Australia, has 15 years experience in the equine industry.. We wanted to create something unique and discussed the possibility of breeding miniature animals as a business.. What we failed to  ...   and impressed us.. It is our aspiration to develop Tantillus Stud as a centre of excellence for the breeding of these little darlings.. Having thought long and hard for a name - we decided on Tantillus.. (Latin for So little - So small ).. And so from such small beginnings, Tantillus Stud was birthed.. We hope to help others on a similar journey.. Whenever asked for advice our response is always:.. Look after your young stock - they are your future!.. Tantillus.. So little - So small..

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  • Title: Contact Us
    Descriptive info: 130 Condoit Road.. RD2.. Woodville.. Manawatu.. 06 376 5351.. info@tantillus-stud.. co.. nz..

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  • Title: Gallery
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  • Title: Gallery
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