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  • Title: Kerrah Simmentals :: Welcome
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Update.. Sale Catalogue.. Herd Sires.. For Sale.. Bulls for sale.. Semen for sale.. Breeding Program.. About our Program.. EBV's Explained.. Why buy a Kerrah Simmental?.. Kerrah Simmentals is New Zealand s largest, and one of the leading, gene pools of fully recorded Simmentals.. The breeding program is focussed on selecting animals that perform in a difficult climate, in a commercially run and focussed operation.. Selection is based around docility, structure and balanced  ...   and be easily finished before their second winter on pasture.. Kerrah Simmentals are based at Tangiwai Station a 2000Ha hill country property rising from 500 to 2400 feet above sea level.. It is situated 32km north of Wairoa on the boundary of HawkesBay and Gisborne districts.. heavy equipment.. construction equipment.. icralik arabalar.. Enquires and inspection are always welcome by either contacting.. Or e-mail.. {Jon Knauf 068386793} {Alistair Milne 063285052 }.. jsknauf@farmside.. co.. nz.. knaufarm@farmside..

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  • Title: Kerrah Simmentals :: News Updates
    Descriptive info: Kerrah 4th Annual Sale.. posted by: kerrahbrett, 7th May, 2011 9:51am.. 4th KERRAH ANNUAL Rising 2yr Bull Sale is WEDNESDAY 25th MAY 2011 @ 1.. 00pm on the Miln property 459 Terrace Road, Kimbolton.. Online and Print sale catalogue available on our sale catalogue page.. read more.. Seasonal Update.. posted by: Kerrah, 23rd Mar, 2011 9:12am.. What a season, from the highs of the commodity returns to the volitility of climatic variations, from the the devaststion of the Christchurch quake to our own personal loss of Kevin (dad) on the farm, 2011 has started as a bit of a rollercoaster ride for all of us.. Kerrah Sale News.. posted by: Kerrah, 11th Jun, 2010 6:18am.. A.. BIG THANK YOU.. to all of those purchasers who helped  ...   an affordable value which you our clients can get a good return on investment.. If you still require a bull we still have a selection of bulls available as paddock sales, both at Kimbolton and Tangiwai.. Two young sires were sold to stud with AW194 sold to Glenside Simmentals Otago and AW24 to Island Stream Simmentals North Otago.. Kerrah has retained 8 two year sires and brought Leafland AW27 an atttractive polled sire from Everd and Marie Strauss Mosgiel to compliment the bull team.. New Kerrah Simmentals Website.. posted by: Kerrah, 11th Jun, 2010 6:11am.. Welcome to our first website update.. We hope to keep you informed with news within the breeding program and developments within the genetics industry which may be of interest or potential..

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  • Title: Kerrah Simmentals :: Sale Catalogue
    Descriptive info: 2013 - 6th KERRAH ANNUAL SALE.. Click here for the online sale catalogue.. Click here for our private treaty catalogue..

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  • Title: Kerrah Simmentals :: Herd Sires
    Descriptive info: KERRAH WOW FACTOR AW60.. 1667AW0060.. Probably the most complete polled bull we have been able to use.. Pedigree contains performance, predictability, and durability.. First crop of calves look great and are very uniformed.. Used extensively this last season.. EBVs and pedigree.. KERRAH WITHOUT DOUBT AW68.. 1667AW0068.. A real grunty polled sire, a stand out from day one, from one of our best cow families.. Mother and 63's mother are full sisters.. A few very good calves from him as a yearling.. Used extensively this last season on some of our best cows.. Flushed his mother to Kerrah Wide and Deep.. AILSA G.. R.. MAJOR AM2114.. 0898AM2114.. A son of (Jim) 801 still structurally sound as a bell at 9 years of age.. Major stamps his progeny with class and conformation and has one of the best curve bending sets of EBVS in the breed with fantastic calving ease and short gestation.. KERRAH TOTARA AT63.. 1667AT0063.. Out of another top cow, a bull with scope, growth, bone and fantastic temperament which he has passed onto his first crop of calves.. Progeny display good cosmetics and his great structure.. RISSINGTON AN1430.. 0049AN1430.. A polled bull out of one of our best cows 287.. Used over heifers he has left his mark stamping his females with class.. A bull that does everything right maternally and still has perfect feet at 7 years of age.. TOKAWEKA HANDSOME AH801 (QA).. 0079AH0801.. Surely one of the best performance bulls the breed if not the industry has been exposed to.. Still used selectively via AI with plenty of top producing sons and daughters in the herd.. KERRAH WIDE N DEEP AW145.. 1667AW0145.. Exceptional balance, structure and presence - not to mention pedigree, horned but still used extensively this last mating season including a flush to Without Doubts mother.. KERRAH EXCITING AX57.. 1667AX0057.. A very promising young sire used this last year on heifers.. Out of lovely cow we flushed.. This bull has presence growth and great cosmetics and pedigree.. KERRAH UPGRADE AU53.. 1667AU0053.. Polled super calving ease heifer bull with great feet and temperament.. Second crop of calves now ready to wean, with some outstanding yearlings especially in the heifers.. This  ...   Totara.. This attractive young bull was used extensively as a yearling.. Has an outstanding full ET brother in this years crop of calves to prove he no fluke.. 863 has proved to be one of the very best cows in the herd.. KERRAH WHY WONDER AW101.. 1667AW0101.. Polled curve bending bull used over heifers.. Astonishing growth and actual scan for a low birth weight bull.. This bulls calves look to be real curve benders.. KERRAH XTRA AX61.. 1667AX0061.. Robust lower birthweight , polled son of Mr Muscles used lightly.. Great depth and constution, impresive actual EMA scan.. KERRAH AILSA TOTAL AT20.. 1667AT0020.. A son of 1430 with more power within a moderate frame.. Second crop of calves on the ground this year.. Some very meaty bulls and soft heifers coming thru.. TE RAUMAUKU NO WORRIES AN8.. 1501AN0008.. No Worries.. Again aptly named is a pretty special bull that has left his mark on the herd.. A real performance bull.. Daughters are performing and staying around.. TE RAUMAUKU MR MUSCLES AM23.. 1501AM0023.. Mr Muscles was aptly named due to his extreme muscularity and power.. He gave all his progeny that extra muscle and fat covers.. His sons will add power to any terminal program.. Still using selectively via AI as well as some exciting sons.. KERRAH PUNCHBOWL AP122.. 1667AP0122.. The first bull to be retained for stud he hasn't disappointed.. A good, moderate, meaty sire.. KERRAH XCELL AX13.. 1667AX0013.. First purebred Black simmental bull to be retained at Kerrah.. This bull out performed the whole calf crop thought to 400 day an EMA scanning.. Look forward to first crop of calves.. SUNNYVALE AU5.. 1178AU0005.. A solid red polled bull with great structure, balance and carcass.. Used extensively over predominately red and black cows and heifers last year.. LEAFLAND AW27.. 1614AW0027.. Polled outcross sire, stands proud with good outlook and cosmetics.. KERRAH WORRY NOT AW23.. 1667AW0023.. Polled, quiet, growthy son of No Worries with exceptional feet.. Used for two seasons and offeered for sale.. Out of good performing Grandeur daughter.. All his progeny display his lovely nature.. POTAWA XPONENT AX21.. 1665AX0021.. Outcross sire used as a yearling, good structure with plenty of growth and moderate birth..

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  • Title: Kerrah Simmentals :: Bulls for Sale
    Descriptive info: Bulls for Sale.. Kerrah Simmentals hold an annual sale on the 26th May at a satellite farm run and operated by Alistair and Kay Milne at Kimbolton in the Manawatu.. The sale comprises of a selection of the 60 bulls picked out at weaning which are grazed at their AK Ranch property.. Bulls are also sold as paddock sales at Tangiwai, Wairoa the week following the Kimbolton sale.. All sale bulls are BVD tested antigen free and vaccinated and fully breed plan recorded.. Kerrah Simmentals pays cartage nationwide and bulls are sold with a three year structural guarantee.. Sale bulls are selected from a bull calf drop of over 250 giving great selection pressure.. Due to the number of bulls, we will endeavour to always have a selection of bulls available  ...   suit your farm and breeding objectives.. KERRAH AX69.. 1667AX0069.. Bull with great length anad outlook.. Very good structure and feet and legs Price $4000 +GST.. A polled lighter coloured R3 bull used for two seasons in the herd.. Calves are very quiet and have great growth.. Very sound and a good server.. Price $4500.. KERRAH CX9242.. 1667CX9242.. Powerfull early maturing polled bull with very good stucture.. From good cow family good maternal bull.. Price $4000 +GST.. KERRAH AX102.. 1667AX0102.. Meaty sound bull, be a very good bull to add thickness to dairy or dairy cross cows.. Price$2500 +GST.. KERRAH AX233.. 1667AX0233.. Lighter coloured bull good calving ease out of very good cow.. Suitable for dairy or beef cows.. KERRAH AX17.. 1667AX0017.. Very quiet well structured bull won t dissapoint Price $2500..

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  • Title: Kerrah Simmentals :: Dairy Semen for Sale
    Descriptive info: Dairy Semen for Sale.. Kerrah Simmentals recognises the importance of the dairy sourced beef to the beef industry and offer proven calving ease sires.. We know how important gestation and calving ease are to the profitability of the dairy farmer and the need for the crossbred calf to grow and fatten for the finisher.. The sires we offer are proven calving ease sires each with different  ...   weight and gestation sired by Major and is of nice moderate type and very quiet.. With two crops of unassisted calves on the ground we guarentee this bulls ease of calving.. Major is a proven calving ease sire with short gestation and unparallelled growth.. Used over Kiwi or jersey cross cows his progeny will not disappoint.. Blonde bull will give chocolate coloured calves lovely nature and structure..

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  • Title: Kerrah Simmentals :: About our Breeding Program
    Descriptive info: The aim of Kerrah Simmentals is to produce bulls that are a balanced package consisting of calving ease, high rate of weight gain, easy finishing, good doing cattle, true to the dual purpose origin of the breed, with a quiet nature.. In order to achieve these goals, Kerrah Simmentals consists of approximately 550 cows, all of which are registered and actual measurements recorded fully on breed plan.. The number of cows allows for an accurate assessment of the individuals animals genetic merit to be made, as there are many animals with which to compare each individuals performance.. From the 550 cows, each year six of the best cows are chosen and put though an embryo transfer program, which results in those cows having about 40 calves each year.. All cows are run as a commercial herd, with all cows expected to perform to high standards.. All cows are expected to calve as a two year old and every year following, while living on steep hill country and competing with ewes.. Selection into the cow herd is dependant mainly on a heifer s structure, temperament, ability to get in calf at 15 months and EBVS.. The Kerrah herd was originally made up of the amalgamation of several New Zealand Simmentals herds, the main herds being Puriri, Ailsa and Rissington.. We also kept the elite 200 commercial Simmental cross cows that we have graded up.. The choice of Simmental as a breed, was due to the superior performance of the Simmental cross cows in our crossbred herd, in growth, fertility and milking ability.. The sires used within the herd have been sourced from all  ...   majority of Kerrah Simmentals sires rank in the top 20% of the breed for calving ease, 400, 600, eye muscle and fat covers.. Add to these powerful genetics hybrid vigour (the mating of two different breeds) to give you an extra 25% performance above their parents, a Kerrah Simmental sire will deliver you progeny that will perform whether you are selling them as weaners, store or fattening.. Maternal.. In the maternal sense, these traits are equally as important.. Ease of calving, both direct and daughters, is important for the progeny to have fewer calving problems.. A replacement heifer that is to be mated at 15 months, to calve for the first time as 2 year old, needs to grow fast enough to reach a good mating weight.. Easy finishing ability is important as half the bull s progeny will be male, and any cull heifers need to be fat enough to kill, preferably before the second winter.. Our herd is run under true commercial conditions.. We like to recommend bulls that best suit our clients farming system, that come from our top cow families and that compliment the clients existing herd make up for maternal use.. We actively encourage the adoption of crossbreeding and are happy to recommend other breeders of breeds that would compliment your Simmental to maximise your cow herd profitability and performance.. We are selecting strains of polled red and black Simmentals that you can crossbreed with, but maintain a solid coloured herd and still gain all the advantages of hybrid vigour, added milking ability and early growth in a moderate cow frame, which a Kerrah Simmental can offer you..

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  • Title: Kerrah Simmentals :: EBVs Explained
    Descriptive info: EBVS Explained.. ESTIMATED BREEDING VALUES (EBV S).. An EBV is the best estimate of an animal s genetic merit for that trait.. ACCURACY:.. With the under large numbers of animals we have seen the EBVS of animals change over time to accurately reflect their expected performance.. EBVS are only as good as the information put into them and only estimate the performance of a particular trait.. The accuracy level reported under an EBV reflects how much information there is about an animal and its relatives.. We have heard of people using low birth weight bulls and been disappointed only to look up accuracy levels of below 50%.. Rest assured the majority of Kerrah Simmental Bulls are higher than 70%.. You can look up internet solutions on any breed a bulls accuracy and what traits have had data submitted for e.. g.. BW ,400 etc or whether the EBVS are just an estimate from other relations.. BALANCE :.. For us an animal has to be balanced in as many of the traits as possible and we try to avoid extremes and understand the antagonisms and relationships between the different traits.. This is where indexes are helpful but you still need to eliminate the animals which have extremes that don t fit your farming system, e.. a bull with great growth and low birth with low eye muscle and low fat covers has often been referred to as a bull that had great EBVS but looked terrible and lean so EBVS can t work.. EBVS can be divided into four blocks; calving block, growth, reproductive and carcass.. Used in a balanced perspective with structure and temperament overriding them they are still our best proven tool we have for making genetic progress as seed stock producers and you as a beef producer.. CALVING EASE.. : Calving ease are based on calving ease scores, birth weights and gestation length information.. More positive EBV s indicate easier calving.. DIR: Direct Calving Ease indicated how this animal influences the birth of it s progeny.. BWT.. : Birth Weight EBV (kg) is based on the measured birth weight of animals, adjusted for dam age.. The lower the value the lighter the calf at birth and the lower  ...   as it affects the 200 day weight of their calves.. CWT.. : Carcase Weight EBV (kg) estimates the genetic difference in carcase weight at a standard age of 650 days.. More positive EBVs indicate heavier carcases at 650 days of age.. EMA.. : Eye Muscle Area (cm2) estimates genetic difference in eye muscle area at the 12/13th rib state of a 300kg dressed carcase.. More positive EBVs indicate better muscling on animals.. RIB FAT.. : Rib Fat EBV (mm) estimates the genetic differences in fat depth at the 12/13th rib in a 300 kg dressed carcase.. More positive EBVs indicate more subcutaneous fat and earlier maturity.. P8 FAT.. : Rump Fat EBV (mm) estimates the genetic differences in fat depth at the P8 site of a 300kg dressed carcase.. More positive EBVs indicate more subutaneous fat and earlier maturity.. ACTUAL MEASUREMENT.. SS.. : Yearling Scrotal: Scrotal Circumference is an indicator of male fertility as expressed in semen quality and quantity.. The larger the circumference indicates higher fertility.. Scrotal Circumference is also highly correlated with early puberty in their daughters.. This is why we measure bulls as yearlings for their EBVs as this is when we want our female to reach puberty.. We also measure them again prior to sale, the reason, the bigger they are the more marbles in the pouch, potentially the more cows he can serve.. The measurement in the catalogue was taken at 15 months.. ACE.. : Accuracy (%) is based on the amount of performance information available on the animal and its close relatives - potentially the number of progeny analysed.. It indicates the confidence level of the EBV.. This is why at Tangiwai both female and male data are analysed.. 560 animals to the weaning stage (200 days), 350 to the yearling stage (400 days) and scanning.. UNDERSTANDING THE INDEXES:.. Index values are provided for each bull.. These allow the expected profitability of the progency of different bulls to be compared.. The Maternal Index compares sires on the basis that a proportion of their female progency will be retained in the herd as breedin replacements.. The Terminal Index compares sires on the basis that all progency will be finished for slaughter (no females retained for breeding)..

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  • Title: Kerrah Simmentals :: Why buy a Kerrah Simmental
    Descriptive info: You can have confidence in the breeding program, the people involved and the ability to serve you, our client s wishes.. Confidence in the breeding program:.. The basics don t change docility, live calves, growth, constitution and finishing ability.. What does change is the approach.. COMMERCIAL ENVIRONMENT.. : The cows have to compete and perform with 6000 ewes on steep hill country (700-2400 ft as).. Most cattle studs are not run under these conditions.. HIGH SELECTION PRESSURE.. : With 750 cows/heifers mated, it makes it one of the largest recorded herds in Australasia.. PERFORMANCE RECORDING.. : Along with scoring for structural soundness and docility, the recording of performance and using the generated breeding values is top priority when culling and selecting.. Calving ease, birth, 200, 400, 600 day weights and scanning data (EMA, FATS) are measured not only on kept bulls and heifers but the culls as well, to maximise the accuracy of the records.. INVESTING IN THE FUTURE.. Top elite cattle have been purchased from studs such as Rissington, Ailsa and Puriri and bought together in one environment to give a wide genetic base.. Embryo transplanting  ...   can have no confidence in the people involved or their breeding program.. They are traits the principles in the stud unreservedly believe in and strive to maintain.. We bring a wide range of experience with stock and a passion to succeed in our goals.. The conversation around the dining table borders on the boring as day after day pedigrees and the merits of individual animals are debated.. CLIENTS WISHES.. To us this is the most important and often overlooked.. We need to understand your breeding program, your goals, your farm, and aspirations before deciding which bull suits.. -At the auction we make recommendations in the catalogue for each bull as to what we believe the program, he best fits, this is based not only on the bulls EBV s but a knowledge of the cow and sire as well.. - We welcome the opportunity to become involved with your breeding program.. - We have polled and horned cattle.. -We offer guarantees.. - We offer a free back up service and flexible payment dates.. The only thing we may disagree on is price!.. John Knauf.. Kevin Knauf.. Alistair Milne..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: please view or download on our.. sale catalogue page.. Return to news..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: Despite the loss of Kevin, the team at Kerrah is just as committed to breeding the best of beef genetics to improve your profitability and enjoyment of farming cattle.. We sincerely thank the many people who have helped and supported us though the past few months.. Colleen will continue to serve on the Simmental NZ council and the team have been joined by Hamish Howell a very capable young stockman.. This season started with a great calving, 96% reinforcing that a live calf is a prerequisite for any profitable beef herd operation.. With a good number of Embryo and AI calves to compare with their naturally mated counterparts.. Our best line of 200 yearling heifers were put to the bull complimented by the 6 outstanding polled yearling bulls we used this year, three having been produced  ...   an astonishing 85% hold rate, overall a very good in calf rate has enabled us to cull even harder and leave us with a very quiet tidy herd to go forward into next season.. Kerrah has two entries of bull calves in the National Beef Expo in addition to the sale at Kimbolton on the 25th May and paddock sales commencing with an open day at our Iwetea property on the 2nd June.. With the outlook for beef prices to remain high whilst stock numbers and supply is tight globally you can trust quiet Kerrah bulls produced in commercial conditions and fully breedplan recorded will maximise your returns and enjoyment when working with your cattle.. If you have any questions or would like to veiw the herd or bulls don,t hesitate to contact Alistair or myself..

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