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  • Title: Kiwicare Home Pest and Garden Experts » Kiwicare
    Descriptive info: .. We are Kiwis providing expert local solutions that keep your home pest free and your garden healthy.. Garden.. Garden home.. Garden Problem Solver.. Products.. Pests.. Diseases.. Weeds.. Garden Health.. Organics.. Outdoor Cleaning.. Outdoor Cleaning home.. Outdoor Cleaning Problem Solver.. Grime Mark or Growth.. Surfaces.. Cleaning Advice.. Pest.. Pest home.. Pest Problem Solver.. Pest Control Products.. Pest Advice.. Company.. About.. News.. Vacancies.. Useful Links.. Our Personal Guarantee.. Contact.. 2011 Kiwicare..

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  • Title: Garden Home » Kiwicare
    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. Garden Advice.. Stockists.. Home.. Cleaning.. Problem Solver.. See our range.. - Kiwicare Garden Care helps gardeners grow healthy plants.. Here you will find answers to garden questions and solutions to problems caused by diseases, weeds and pests.. Gardening is made easy with Kiwicare organic and traditional  ...   control.. Garden Guy's Problem Solver.. Garden Guy can help you.. identify and solve.. your garden pest and disease problems!.. What problem can I help you with?.. Plants.. Bugs.. Lawn.. Weeds.. About Kiwicare.. We are Kiwis providing expert local solutions that keep your place pest free and your garden healthy..

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  • Title: Kiwicare Outdoor Cleaning » Kiwicare
    Descriptive info: SORTED is a new range of outdoor cleaning products.. Take the confusion out of outdoor cleaning, with three specialised products to meet all your outdoor cleaning needs.. Chris can help you Identify and solve your cleaning problems!.. Grime, mark or growth.. Surface..

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  • Title: Pest Control Home » Kiwicare
    Descriptive info: Pests -.. Unwanted insects and animals that cause disease, damage or nuisance in and around the home are regarded as pests.. Our homes will provide food and shelter to flies, spiders, ants, cockroaches, fleas, rats and mice amongst others.. The Kiwicare range of DIY pest control products will help you get rid of  ...   let unwanted rodents into your home this winter.. The first line of defence against rodents is proofing; stopping the rats or mice getting in.. Go to article.. Pest control Pete can help.. you.. Identify and solve.. your pest problems!.. What pest can I help you with?.. Flying bugs.. Crawling bugs.. Animal pests.. Other..

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  • Title: Garden Problem Solver » Kiwicare
    Descriptive info: Use our garden problem solver to.. identify.. and.. solve.. pest and disease problems in your garden.. For problems in the home click.. here.. Loading.. Please wait.. Identify.. What do you have a problem with?.. Plants.. Bugs.. Lawn.. Are there dead patches, discolouration or weeds in your lawn?.. Dead Patches.. Discolouration.. Other.. Are there holes in the affected patches of lawn?.. Yes.. No.. Do the patches have any pink/red colouration?.. Are the affected patches circles less than 8cm diameter?.. Are the weeds prickly/stinging?.. Are the leaves or the seeds prickly/stinging?.. Leaves.. Seeds.. Are the leaves mostly broad and have netlike veins?.. Are the leaves long, narrow and have parrallel veins running from base to tip?.. Select the single most obvious symptom of your sick plant.. Webbing.. Plant eaten.. Wilting.. Leaves curling.. Marks on leaves.. Marks on stems.. Damaged fruit.. Dead parts.. What colour are the marks on the leaves?.. Black or dark brown.. Brown.. Grey or white.. Yellow or pale green.. Red or purple.. Dead burnt brown.. Are the roots in saturated soil or are they very dry?.. Saturated soil.. Very dry.. Neither.. Is there webbing on the dead parts of the plant?.. What colour are the insects or bugs?.. Black.. Green.. Pink/Red.. Yellow.. White.. Where are the weeds?.. Path or driveway.. Flower bed.. Are the insects  ...   your problem.. Click on one of the problems below to see the recommended solution.. grass grub.. red thread.. hydrocotyle.. clover.. moss.. dandelion.. oxalis.. fusarium.. thistle.. dock.. grass weed.. onehunga prickle weed.. dollar spot.. broadleaf weeds in lawn.. pet urine.. brown patch.. porina.. snow mould.. black spot.. path weeds.. powdery mildew.. rust.. downy mildew.. leaf spot.. leaf curl.. brown rot.. root rot.. dieback.. nettle.. broadleaf weeds not in lawn.. blight.. needle blight.. aphids.. whitefly.. scale insects.. leafhoppers.. leafroller.. spiders.. mealy bugs.. thrips.. psyllids.. spittle bug.. codling moth.. bronze beetle.. caterpillars.. sooty mould.. daisy.. drought.. bacterial spot.. overwatering.. lawn nitrogen deficiency.. lawn potassium deficiency.. lawn phosphorous deficiency.. nitrogen deficiency.. potassium deficiency.. phosphorous defficiency.. lichen on path.. ants.. rats mice.. rabbits hares.. possums.. black field cricket.. wasps.. honey bees.. bumble bees.. hover flies.. flies.. lichen on trees.. liverwort.. ivy.. spider mites.. resprouting stumps.. vine hopper.. pear slug.. slaters.. earthworms.. buxus blight.. millipedes.. centipedes.. white butterfly.. wild garlic.. daddy long legs crane fly.. citrus tree borer.. poplar.. cluster flies.. buttercup.. wandering jew.. mallow.. shield bug.. wireworm.. agapanthus.. willow.. periwinkle.. blackberry.. greasy cutworm.. psyllid yellows.. bamboo.. magnesium deficiency.. sulphur deficiency.. calcium deficiency.. trace element deficiency.. carrot rust fly.. bear s breeches.. leaf miner.. shot hole.. crocosmia.. privet.. slime mould.. weevils.. fairy rings.. mushrooms and toadstools.. onion weed.. Still stumped?.. Ask our experts..

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  • Title: Kiwicare Garden Products » Kiwicare
    Descriptive info: Garden Care.. Gardening is made easy with Kiwicare organic and traditional plant protection products, including fertilisers, weed killer, disease and insect control.. Weed Control.. Lawn Care.. Pest Control.. Disease Control.. Fertilisers.. Garden Aids.. Kiwicare Garden weed control products include a range of weed killers (herbicides) to deal with all the different weeds you will find in the different parts of your garden.. Check out the new Weed Weapon Range which.. kills the weeds other brands can't.. weed weapon extra strength.. Kills a broad range of stubborn weeds to the root.. weed weapon rapid action.. Kills stubborn weeds to the root, fast!.. weed weapon direct hit.. Make weeds an easy target with Weed Weapon Direct Hit, foam aerosol.. Dead easy.. Dead quick.. weed weapon long term.. Kills weeds fast and prevents regrowth for up to 12 months.. weed weapon woody weeds.. Kills a wide range of tough woody weeds.. weed weapon stump stop.. Kills stumps to the root and prevents regrowth.. invade gel.. Controls hardy weeds with spot treatment and pasting of cut weeds and stumps.. pathclear longterm.. Kills weeds and prevents weed seeds germinating for up to 12 months.. lawnpro turfclean green.. Kills weeds, feeds lawn and greens grass.. lawnpro turfclean.. Kills a wide range of weeds and clovers in lawn.. lawnpro hydrocotyle control.. Kills hydrocotyle and other weeds in lawns.. lawnpro prickle control.. Kills a wide range of prickle weeds in lawns.. lawnpro mossclear.. Kills moss, liverworts and algal slime in lawns.. organic weedfree rapid.. Quick and effective control of a wide range of weeds, clovers and mosses.. ronstar®  ...   they need.. natural no rats.. Controls rodents without risk to non-target animals, pets or children.. organic caterpillar bio control.. Btk (Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki) Bio-control of caterpillars on fruit, vegetables and ornamentals.. organic insect control.. Fast acting pyrethrum insecticide that controls a wide range of insects.. organic super spraying oil.. Protects your plants from a range of insect pests and diseases.. rabbit repel.. Protects plants from browsing rabbits, hares and possums.. spectrum.. Insect pest and disease control for roses and ornamentals.. super spectrum.. Insect pest and disease control for roses, ornamentals and fruit crops.. Kiwicare Garden disease control products include a range of fungicides and plant protectants for cure and prevention of plant diseases that may affect the plants in your garden.. organic copper oxy.. Controls a wide range of fungal and bacterial diseases.. organic super sulphur.. Controls moss, lichen, powdery mildew, blackspot and rust.. root protect aliette®.. Controls root rotting disease and dieback on fruit trees, ornamentals, shrubs and roses.. thiram fungus control.. Controls a wide variety of fungal diseases.. Kiwicare Garden fertilisers are formulated to provide the best balance of nutrients for the specific plants in your garden.. TURFCLEAN GREEN not only feeds and greens your grass but controls the weeds leaving you with a lush healthy weed free lawn.. Kiwicare Garden products include products that aid the effectiveness of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides.. dye stick.. Marker dye sticker that improves spray performance and shows you where you have sprayed.. no leaks masonry sealer.. no leaks red brick terracotta waterproof sealer.. Unsure what product to use?.. Try our Problem Solver..

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  • Title: Garden Pests » Kiwicare
    Descriptive info: Gardening is made easy with Kiwicare organic and traditional plant protection products, including insect and animal pest control products.. Pests A – G.. Pests H – P.. Pests Q – Z.. ants.. aphids greenfly.. armyworm.. black field crickets.. bronze brown beetle.. bumble bees.. carrot rust fly.. caterpillars.. centipedes.. citrus tree  ...   deer.. earthworm.. earwigs.. flies.. grass grub.. greasy cutworm.. honey bees.. mites.. hover flies.. leaf hopper.. leaf miner.. leaf roller.. mealy bugs.. millipedes.. pear slugs.. porina.. possums.. psyllids.. rabbits.. rats mice.. scale insects.. shield bugs.. slaters.. spider mites.. spiders.. spittle bug.. thrips.. vine hopper.. wasps.. weevils.. white butterfly.. whitefly.. wireworm.. Still unsure?..

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  • Title: Disease » Kiwicare
    Descriptive info: Gardening is made easy with Kiwicare organic and traditional plant protection products, including fertilisers, fungicides and disease control products.. Diseases A – G.. Diseases H – P.. Diseases Q – Z.. bacterial spot.. black spot.. blight.. botrytis.. brown patch.. brown rot.. buxus blight.. dieback.. dollar spot.. downy mildew.. drought.. fairy rings.. fusarium.. leaf curl.. leaf spot.. liverworts.. mushrooms and toadstools.. needle blight.. nitrogen deficiency.. overwatering.. pet urine.. phosphorous deficiency.. potassium deficiency.. powdery mildew.. psyllid yellows and zebra chip.. red thread.. root rot.. rust.. septoria.. shot hole.. slime mould.. snow mould.. sooty mould.. witches broom..

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  • Title: Weeds » Kiwicare
    Descriptive info: Gardening is made easy with Kiwicare organic and traditional plant protection products, including weed killer and weed germination inhibitors.. Weeds A – G.. Weeds H – P.. Weeds Q – Z.. agapanthus.. bamboo.. bear s breeches.. bindweed.. blackberry bramble.. broadleaf weeds.. broom.. buttercup.. chickweed.. cleavers.. climbing weeds..  ...   fumitory.. gorse.. grass weeds.. groundsel.. hawksbeard.. hemlock.. horsetail.. hydrocotyle.. ivy.. kikuyu.. lichen.. liverwort.. mallow.. moss.. nettle.. nightshade.. onehunga.. onion weed.. oxalis.. path weeds.. periwinkle.. plantain.. poplar.. privet.. rush.. sorrel.. speedwell.. spurge.. stumps.. thistle.. tree lupin.. valerian.. wandering jew.. wild garlic.. wild ginger.. wild mint family.. willows.. yarrow..

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  • Title: Garden Health » Kiwicare
    Descriptive info: Promote the health of your garden by using organic fertilisers to ensure plants have strong immune systems, give them extra protection from diseases by the use of protectant fungicides, eliminating disease carriers such as pest insects and remove weeds that may harbour disease.. calcium deficiency.. lawn nitrogen deficiency.. lawn phosphorous deficiency.. lawn potassium deficiency.. magnesium deficiency.. sulphur deficiency.. trace elements deficiency.. humics and soil organic matter..

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  • Title: Organics » Kiwicare
    Descriptive info: Create a beautiful and healthy garden the natural, organic way with Kiwicare Garden Organics – New Zealand’s leading range of.. BioGro.. certified organic gardening products.. Kiwicare BioGro Certificates.. Organic Weed Control.. Kiwicare's Organic weed control products help deal with a wide range of weeds the natural way.. ORGANIC WEEDFREE RAPID will keep your outdoor living spaces healthy beautiful, and is excellent if you need a quick tidy up.. Organic Pest Control.. Kiwicare's Organic Garden pest control range will help you deal  ...   garden healthy beautiful.. Organic Disease Control.. Kiwicare's Organic Garden disease control products will help you deal with a wide range of diseases in your garden the natural way and keep your garden healthy and beautiful.. Organic Fertilisers.. Kiwicare Garden organic fertilisers are formulated to provide the best balance of nutrients for the specific plants in your garden.. As well as NOURISH ALL PURPOSE there is a NOURISH fertiliser to help you provide the ideal nutrients for your vegetables, flowers and citrus..

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