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    Archived pages: 28 . Archive date: 2014-10.

  • Title: Peter Johnston's Homespun Web Site
    Descriptive info: .. www.. homespun.. co.. nz.. Peter Johnston - Writer etc.. I am a writer/editor and web content specialist, living in Houghton Bay, Wellington.. Welcome to my site!.. The fact that I used to work at home, and my experience with creating and managing web content, suggested this site's domain name.. Homespun is also a great CD by English band XTC, which may give you a  ...   site you'll find.. more information.. about my work, my interests and.. whatever else comes into my head.. You can also check out my.. Six Cs.. for developing good web content.. To get in touch, please.. contact me.. Just up.. Check out.. Exile on Princes Street.. - my web site cataloguing the musical references in Ian Rankin's "Inspector Rebus" novels.. Profile.. The Six Cs.. Rant.. Contact..

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  • Title: Profile - Peter Johnston
    Descriptive info: Home.. Profile - Peter Johnston.. I am Northern Irish New Zealander (but don t hold it against me!) with almost 20 years experience in advertising, communications and internet development.. ::.. Services.. See what I can do for you.. Work history.. Find out what I've done.. Bouquets.. Read some nice things people have said about me.. Here are some of the services I can offer your business:.. -.. Web site information architecture.. - Content analysis, planning and development.. - Creative brainstorming.. - Copywriting.. - Editing.. - Web site maintenance.. Contact me.. to find out more.. My career has been a long and winding road (yes, I'm a Beatles fan) but a constant theme has been writing - in one medium or  ...   for include:.. - Ted Bates Advertising (copywriter).. - Telecom New Zealand (communications writer).. - Helios Communications (writer and account manager).. - Wellington City Council (internal communications manager and intranet/internet manager).. - The Web Limited/BearingPoint (project manager, writer and content manager).. From October 2002 to February 2006 I worked as an independent contractor.. I am currently working full-time as editor for the Retirement Commission on the.. Sorted website.. and other online and offline projects.. Some nice things people have said about me:.. Bloody good writer - advertising agency creative director.. Awesome writer - web site client.. Flawless writer - managing director.. The best writer I ever hired - communications group manager (actually, I was the only writer she ever hired, but hey!)..

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  • Title: Rant
    Descriptive info: Some homespun wit and wisdom.. Or, on a bad day, a slice of self-righteous self-indulgence.. Unlikely to be updated for a while now that I've started one of those.. blog.. thingies.. :: Rant No.. 5 - It was thirty years ago today.. 4 - Top five disclaimers.. 3 - How's business?.. 2 - Where's my car, dude?.. 1 - Is today's popular music crap or what?.. Rant No.. 5 - It was thirty years ago today.. Led Zeppelin.. hit the top of the album charts.. Pink Floyd release.. Dark Side of the Moon.. for people with expensive stereos.. Brian Edwards.. to host Saturday night talk show.. And last but not least,.. Man About the House.. !.. All these things have happened before, in a galaxy not so far away.. 2003 or 1973? You be the judge.. And my, aren't those policemen looking young these days.. Listed in reverse order, for no particular reason.. Any resemblance to any other top five list is purely coincidental.. 5.. Actual item may differ from that pictured.. (The sofa in the brochure matches the decor in your living room.. The real one in the shop won't).. 4.. May contain traces of nuts.. (We use the same vat for all our chocolate bars and never clean it).. 3.. Accessories not included.. (No, the CD rack does not come with a free home theatre system.. D'oh!).. 2.. Some assembly required.. (So be prepared to spend half your son's fifth birthday swearing at the instructions).. 1.. Smoking kills.. (Tell them it's bad for them and they'll buy it by the boxful!).. Inject some much-needed levity into your working week with this pun-tastic word game.. Here's how to play.. One person comes up with a job title and the other asks How's business? then the first person comes up with an appropriately punning phrase.. And so on and so forth.. Example:.. Player 1: I'm an elevator salesman.. Player 2: How's business?.. Player 1: Oh, it has its.. ups and downs.. Player 2: I'm an astronomer.. Player 1: How's business?.. Player 2:.. Looking up.. Player 1: I own a paper company.. Player 1:  ...   roads.. No doubt the more petrol-headed of the British and US forces will need little encouragement to drop their arms and join in too.. All those Essex Boys and New Jersey grease monkeys would have a field day showing the locals their stuff.. And the noise? Well, it can't be any worse than an artillery bombardment or a low-flying B-52.. Better still, all that sand will mean the cars will be totally useless when they eventually get returned to their owners here in New Zealand.. A favourite topic for us grizzled old thirty and forty-somethings to mutter about over a few quiet ones.. And the answer is - yes, probably.. But the question really is, does anyone care anymore? When I was a teenager in the late seventies and early eighties, music was the dogs bollocks.. Nothing seemed to be more important than queuing up to buy that limited edition Joy Division 12 , or blasting out the seventh form common room with the Sex Pistols LP.. And in the sixties, as countless movies and TV shows remind us, popular music defined a generation.. But these days? Music is just another commodity fighting for the youth dollar along with computer games, DVDs, cinema multiplexes, night clubs, mobile phones, broadband internet, the list goes on and on!.. And those musical acts that do break through and grab the spotlight are generally the product of marketing rather than anything necessarily to do with talent or originality.. What's more, today's music-buying market has a notoriously short attention span, and is quick to move onto the next thing.. One year Britney Spears, the next year Avril Levigne.. Yesterday David Gray, today Norah Jones (OK that might be a.. bit.. unfair, but you get the picture).. However, back catalogue is also a big player in the industry.. CD compilations and heavy advertising campaigns allow superannuitants like the Bee Gees and (god help us) the Little River Band to compete for the top spot in the album charts with Eminem and Coldplay.. So maybe there is hope for the disposable artists of today, a couple of decades down the track!..

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  • Title: The Six Cs
    Descriptive info: The Six Cs of web content.. I must confess that I am not a very dogmatic person.. So if you're looking for a one-size-fits-all approach to writing web content, you won't find it here.. However, in a moment of weakness I came up with the following Six Cs -  ...   good online (and offline) content.. If your content is all of these things, you don't need me!.. - Compelling.. - Concise.. - Consistent.. - Current.. - Correct.. - Credible.. If you would like some elaboration of any of these points, or help in getting your content up to scratch,..

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  • Title: Contact - Peter Johnston
    Descriptive info: To get in touch with me please email peterDOThomespunDOTcoDOTnz..

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  • Title: Home - Exile on Princes Street
    Descriptive info: homespun.. This web site is an attempt to catalogue the many songs, albums and musicians mentioned in Ian Rankin's "Inspector Rebus" novels.. From The Beatles to The Blue Nile, Miles Davis to Mogwai.. On one level, reading a Rebus novel is a real musical journey, through both time (much of the music mentioned dates from the late 60s and early 70s) and place (Glasgow and Edinburgh bands abound).. On another level, the musical references serve to set the mood for both character and plot development.. We learn a lot about Rebus through his record collection!.. Anyway, sit back, turn up the stereo in your head and take a  ...   line, please.. Many thanks to Orion Publishing Group for letting me use the cover photos.. Oh, and the title of this site comes from an essay by Ian Rankin, which I think appeared as the introduction to the "Early Years" omnibus.. Peter Johnston.. Update.. Another year, another Rebus!.. Saints of the Shadow Bible.. PJ.. November 2013.. Knots Crosses.. Hide Seek.. Tooth Nail.. A Good Hanging.. Strip Jack.. The Black Book.. Mortal Causes.. Let It Bleed.. Black Blue.. The Hanging Garden.. Dead Souls.. Set in Darkness.. The Falls.. Resurrection Men.. Beggars Banquet.. A Question of Blood.. Fleshmarket Close.. The Naming of the Dead.. Exit Music.. Standing in Another Man's Grave..

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  • Title: Thanks - Exile on Princes Street
    Descriptive info: Exile on Princes St.. To contact me please send a message to peterAThomespunDOTcoDOTnz..

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  • Title: Saints of the Shadow Bible - Exile on Princes Street
    Descriptive info: Exile On Princes Street.. (Orion Publishing Group - 2013).. Rebus, Clarke and Fox combine forces (sort of) but a shadow hangs over Rebus from his early days on the force - is he a saint or is he a sinner? With so much going on in these pages, music for once has to take a back seat.. Rebus admits that Siobhan didn't like most of the music he played.. Fox declares 'I hardly ever listen to music'.. And Rebus finds himself nodding off to Beggars Banquet.. The late Jackie Leven is once again the inspiration for the title, a lyric from 'One Man, One Guitar' from his 2006 album 'Oh What a Blow that Phantom Dealt Me!'.. Chapter Three.. Rebus references that Jona Lewie classic 'Always find me in the kitchen at parties'.. Siobhan references pioneering Aussie punk band The Saints.. Fox: 'you maybe won't have heard  ...   that all there is' Peggy Lee.. Chapter Six.. Unspeciified Miles Davis LP ('from the period before he got weird').. 'So What' Miles Davis.. Chapter Eleven.. BB King (ringtone).. Chapter Twelve.. Disco ('if such a thing still existed').. Beggars Banquet LP - The Rolling Stones ('How had he managed to sleep through so much of that?' - Rebus nods off during Side 2).. Solid Air LP - John Martyn.. Chapter Thirteen.. 'Shakier than a Neil Young tribute band'.. Neil Young Glasgow concert - 13 June 2013 (Rebus wasn't planning to go 'They only had standing').. Unspecified Waterboys song.. 'Brown Shoes Don't Make It' Frank Zappa.. Chapter Fifteen.. David Bowie 1983 Murrayfield concert.. Chapter Seventeen.. Duran Duran ('80s night at The Gimlet').. Chapter Twenty One.. Spooky Tooth's second album (Spooky Two).. Hardnose the Highway LP - Van Morrison (Rebus puts on side 2 - 'but he wasn't really listening')..

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  • Title: Knots & Crosses - Exile on Princes Street
    Descriptive info: (Orion Publishing Group - 1987).. In his first outing, Rebus has more than music on his mind - with one small exception.. Chapter Ten.. (Late-night-listening jazz tape) - Stan Getz or Coleman Hawkins..

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  • Title: Hide & Seek - Exile on Princes Street
    Descriptive info: Hide Seek.. (Orion Publishing Group - 1990).. Oddly enough, the first specific musical reference in a Rebus novel is The Beatles rather than the Rolling Stones.. Not that I'm complaining!.. Tuesday (second chapter).. White Album - The Beatles..

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  • Title: Tooth & Nail - Exile on Princes Street
    Descriptive info: Tooth Nail.. (Orion Publishing Group - 1992).. Pickings are still slim on the musical front in this early Rebus outing.. Churchill (fifth chapter).. Born To Be Wild - Steppenwolf..

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