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  • Title: NZ Hereford Association
    Descriptive info: .. Loading.. P.. +64 6 323 4484 |.. F.. +64 6 323 3878 |.. E.. hereford@pbbnz.. com.. ASSOCIATION.. About the NZHA.. Associated Links.. Benchmark Programme.. Council Staff.. Dairy Beef Initiatives.. Ezicalve.. Genetic Abnormalities.. Gestation Calculator.. Hybrid Vigour.. Joining the NZHA.. Miniature Herefords.. NZ Hereford Association.. NZHA Annual Report 2014.. The Whiteface Advantage.. NZHA President's Report.. Fast Facts.. Hereford Prime.. Hereford Prime Chairman's Report.. Ambassador Programme.. Future Beef NZ.. NZHA Breeder Regions.. NZHA Business Partners.. NZHA Club Committees.. NZHA Judges List.. NZHA Life Members.. NZHA Promotional Items.. NZHA Rules Regs.. NZHA Strategic Plan.. NZ Herefords Photo Gallery.. Online Video Resources.. Technical Briefs.. Animal Health.. Business and Marketing.. Genomics.. Performance Recording and EBVs.. Production Management.. General.. World Hereford Council.. MEMBER SERVICES.. AI Sires List.. Bull Sales & Results.. Breeder Websites.. Catalogue Ad Downloads.. Eartag Orders.. Graphic Design Services.. Hereford Prime HPid Tags.. Marketing Your Stud.. Miniature Herefords Club.. Member Advertising Options.. NZHA Breed Uniform.. NZHA Fees.. NZHA Forms.. BREEDPLAN.. Breedplan Averages.. Breedplan Explained.. Breedplan Sires List.. Breedplan Tipsheets.. Dam Trait Leaders.. NZHA Selection Indexes.. Percentile Report.. Published Sires List.. PUBLICATIONS.. Member Newsletter.. Press Releases.. EVENTS.. AgInnovation.. Annual Herd Tour.. Herd of Excellence.. NZHA Ambassadors.. Royal Show.. Steak of Origin.. Super Sires/Impact Sires.. WHC 2012.. CALENDAR.. CONTACT US.. ANIMAL ENQUIRIES.. EBV ENQUIRIES.. MATING PREDICTOR.. MEMBER ENQUIRIES.. SALES CATALOGUES.. SELECTION INDEXES.. LOGIN.. What's New.. Hooked on Herefords newsletter - October issue.. The latest issue of the NZHA member newsletter is available now.. Click here.. to view the latest issue.. NZHA BREEDER THINK TANKS.. The first of the NZHA Breeder Think Tanks is to be held in the upper North Island in late November.. The South Auckland Hereford Club will host the forum in Hamilton on Saturday 22.. nd.. November, at the Hamilton Airport Motel and Conference Centre starting at 10:30am.. Read more.. AGINNOVATION GRAZING UNIT 2015.. With the successes of the Hereford Tru-Test Super Sires and Honda Motorcycles Impact Sires classes at Ag Innovation this year, now is the time for breeders to be considering entering a bull in either of the classes for 2015.. NZ Hereford breeders have enjoyed an exceptionally strong sale season this year, making it an opportune time for breeders to put selected bulls forward for these  ...   Hereford breeders are enjoying a strong sale season and have reclaimed some market share against other beef breeds says PGG Wrightson national genetics manager Bruce Orr.. Herefords Dominate at AgInnovation 2014.. Top honours at AgInnovation 2014 went to Okahu Trust and Hereford bull Okahu Sonny Bill who was named Supreme Champion Hereford and PGG Wrightson Champion of Champion.. Hereford judge Stuart Robbie, and his family, then went on to clearly illustrate how much he backed the bull and his decision to place the Okahu bull Supreme Hereford and took him home to their Otapawa stud for a price tag of $40,000.. Field day at iconic North Canterbury station informs and challenges.. Close to 200 farmers turned out to the Mendip Hills Station, Importance of the Beef Cow field day recently.. 2014 NZ HEREFORDS MAGAZINE.. The 2014 issue of the annual NZ Herefords magazine is now available.. If you would like to receive a complimentary copy and be added to our mailing list for future copies please send us your name and address details by.. clicking here.. *Please note that fees apply for overseas annual subscriptions.. The Real Benefits of Hybrid Vigour Revealed.. The financial benefits of using registered Hereford bulls over black cows is the focus of a new hybrid vigour marketing campaign just launched by the NZ Hereford Association.. Quick Links.. Award Winning Hereford Prime Beef.. Consistency & Unrivalled Quality Guaranteed.. Animal Tags.. For the Identification through to delivery of quality Hereford Prime beef.. 2014 NZHA Bull Sales.. Click here for Registered Hereford Bull Sales & Results.. NZ Hereford Dairy Beef.. The White face advantage offers every advantage.. The Red Wire.. NZ Herefords Technical Briefs.. Marketing your stud.. Useful marketing information to promote your Hereford stud.. Everything you need to know to join.. Click here to view NZ Herefords video library.. Hereford Farms.. Locally Reared Grass-Fed Beef.. To provide NZ’s beef producers with Hereford genetics and expertise in quality beef production.. Beef+Lamb NZ.. Representing New Zealand's sheep and beef farmers.. Beef CRC.. Co-operative.. Cooperative Research Centre for Beef Genetic Technologies.. The official website of the NZ Hereford Association.. 75 South Street , PO Box 503, Feilding, New Zealand.. |.. Copyright, NZ Hereford Association, 2001 - 2014..

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  • Title: NZ Hereford Association :: About the NZHA
    Descriptive info: About the NZHA.. NZHA Fast Facts.. Technical Briefs.. The NZ Hereford Association.. The New Zealand Hereford Association an incorporated society, was formed in 1896.. It currently has over 450 members in total and approx 12,000 registered, performance recorded Hereford cows recorded in the Association s Herdbook.. Its primary objective is to promote the Hereford breed within New Zealand,whilst maintaining the integrity/purity of the breed.. Many resources are directed towards national marketing programmes and research and development, both areas effectively progressing the strategic market position NZ Hereford s currently holds in NZ.. The Association is governed by a twelve person Council, which is responsible for setting Association policy and determining the future direction of the Hereford breed in NZ.. Councilors represent the voice of NZ Hereford breeders nationwide, with each Councilor representing a region (Club) from around the country.. Council elections are held annually, with individual councilors coming up for re-election on a two-year rotational basis.. President, Vice-President and Treasurer positions are all two-year terms.. What the Association Offers.. Members.. are backed by one of the largest beef breeding societies in New Zealand with close links to Australia s and North America s largest beef breeding societies.. The NZ Hereford Association is also affiliated to the World Hereford Conference.. The New Zealand Hereford Association.. is devoted to the promotion and development of the breed in New Zealand.. The information and assistance it provides is designed to give members an edge over competition and improve investment return, whatever their level of interest in the breed.. Total pedigree and performance recording.. - pedigree recording ensures members records are correct and traceable at all times and each animal is issued with an individual certificate of identification.. Genetic Evaluation.. - membership of the Hereford Association entitles access to Breedplan, a computer-based genetic evaluation package which generates Estimated Breeding Values for individual cattle based on performance measurements.. A full back-up training and technical service is provided to ensure members understand Breedplan and can use it to market their cattle.. Experienced Staff.. - Staff are available to offer professional advice on various matters, including enquiries relating to bull and female selection, embryos or semen.. Promotion.. - Members of the Hereford Association will receive publications and promotional material produced by the Association.. Members are encouraged to advertise in the full colour annual breed magazine and to send in names of their commercial clients to also receive a free copy.. Members receive a newsletter every two months which keeps them up to date with Association and beef industry issues.. Technical bulletins and other promotional material are also produced and made available to members.. Press releases to the media from the Association inform them of Association and Hereford news and promote Hereford cattle to the beef industry and general public.. Study Tours.. - The Society promotes organised study tours in Australia and other countries, with particular interest focused on The World Hereford Conference, staged every four years at varying localities.. These tours are available to anyone with an interest in the breed, with group travel concessions and the provision of excellent industry contacts.. The National Tour is organised in a different club area each autumn and many of the clubs also hold an annual local tour.. Shows.. - Members of the Hereford Association take an active role in showing Hereford cattle at A P shows around the country, and the Association supplies prizes and rosettes for many of these occasions, which are a vital shop window for the industry.. National Sale.. - Members of the Hereford Association are entitled to enter bulls and females for sale at the National Beef Bull Week show and Sale held annually in Palmerston North where the countries top stud and commercial bulls are sold.. History of the Association.. 1896.. - New Zealand Hereford Association formed.. - by James Stuckey, G C Wheeler and D P Buchanan.. Other foundation members were Messrs Holms, Beetham and Levett.. 1899.. - Hereford Herd Book Vol 1 printed.. 1929.. - First importation of Polled Herefords to New Zealand.. 1955.. - Hereford in New Zealand published.. 1956.. - New Zealand Hereford Association pedigrees were accepted on a reciprocal  ...   in 1947.. During this period however, several breeders made importations of Hereford cattle from overseas, through Canada, USA or Tasmania.. The names of these breeders are familiar to Hereford breeders today: -.. The Estate of J McKenzie, H M Campbell, Estate E Short, Hutchinson Bros, J Brice, F M Brice, J M Irvine, E M Cranstone, and J A Edwards.. In 1929/30 a notable milestone in the history of the New Zealand Hereford Cattle Breeders Association was laid.. The Council decided to accept polled Herefords for registration in the Herd Book.. This commenced with Vol.. 33.. Thus the Association had both horned and polled breeder members, all working for the common goal of better Herefords.. Hereford - Polled Beginnings.. Horned and polled herds were registered in one volume, but in two separate sections of the Herd Book, a feature unique in the Hereford breed throughout the world.. The first polled Hereford to come to New Zealand was the bull Royal Gem, imported in 1929 from USA, by F E Humphreys of Gisborne, followed the next year by the cow, Dora Willdale, to to the same breeder.. In 1930 G F Moore, of Bushy Park, imported four bulls, King Fairfax, Prime Anxiety, Prince Anxiety and Beau Blanchard 48th.. Much credit is due to Mr Humphreys and also to Mr Moore, for their courage and enterprise in introducing these cattle into the country.. During the next few years J R Mathews, Tynan Bros, F E Humphreys, G F Moore, and Miss B Donald imported poll bulls which mated very successfully with horned cows.. The new breed gained ground and began to expand on this sound foundation.. Imports and Exports.. During 1949 D Tynan of Glen Anga, I A Barnett, Kaitoa, and H K Rendell, Makuru, went to America and selected several bulls.. They found that suitable animals were not easy to procure, selection being restricted because many of the better bulls were too light coloured for New Zealand conditions.. Horned Herefords had a shot in the arm during the year 1949 with the imporation by T M Alexander, Wanganui, of a bull and seven females with strong English blood, including the Supreme Royal Show Champion Hereford for that year.. The following decade saw importations by Messrs R W Cowan, and E T Buckley.. In 1954 a shipment arrived in New Zealand consisting of a bull and five heifers imported by E Edmunds, Tuatapere with the object of founding in this country another Hereford herd of direct English descent.. History was made in 1956 when a consignment of polled cattle was shipped back to the home of the breed in Great Britain.. There have been many substantial consignments of pure-bred heifers to a variety of destinations.. Cattle have been exported from New Zealand to many countries, because of the quality of the cattle.. In the sixties the breed s popularity started to steam roll.. One of the contributing factors was the establishment of the National Show and Sale in 1960 which has since become an annual event.. The world-wide demand for chiller type beef influenced the breed dramatically resulting in smaller meatier, short legged animals with plump briskets.. By the 1970s a new generation of breeders were increasing their herds throughout the country.. This was particularly prevelant in the development and expansion of vast areas of new cattle country in the South Island.. In the 1980s Continental breeds were influencing traditional breeders to produce bigger and leaner animals.. A significant fact is that while the original source of Herefords was Great Britain, which provided the foundation stock for many countries, in the past decade New Zealand breeders have been more inclined to look to Canada, USA and Australia for genetic improvement.. The selection methods used for importations have been widened by modern technology, with performance recording, artificial insemination and embryo transplanting enabling breeders to access the latest genetic material.. Hereford cattle have adapted well to the whims and fancies of their breeders over the past century.. They have fulfilled the role of land developers, chiller beef, mean and lean and now their top quality carcasses will take us through to the future..

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  • Title: NZ Hereford Association :: Associated Links
    Descriptive info: American Hereford Association.. Asociacion Argentina Criadores de Hereford.. Associação Brasileira de Hereford e Braford.. Breedplan at ABRI.. Sire Selector Service.. Canadian Hereford Society.. Danish Hereford Cattle Society.. Dutch Hereford Society.. Finnish Hereford Society.. German Hereford Association.. Goldpine Industries Ltd.. Outdoor Timber specialist.. Herefords Australia.. Irish Hereford Breed Society.. MeatNZ.. Industry information and Sire Selector Services.. Merial-Ancare NZ.. Innovation-driven animal health company.. NZ Agri Tech.. Related farming topics.. PBBNZ Ltd.. Performance recording association.. Premiergenetics.. experience in all aspects of artificial breeding.. Silver Fern Farms.. South African Hereford Breeders Society.. Svenska Herefordföreningen.. The World Hereford Council Website.. Tru-Test Group..

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  • Title: NZ Herefords: Benchmark Programme
    Descriptive info: Benchmark Awards.. Benchmark Sires.. Benchmark Dams.. Benchmark Dam Breeders.. Silver Benchmark Dams.. Gold Benchmark Dams.. Platinum Benchmark Dams.. RECOGNSING EXCELLENCE WITHIN THE HEREFORD BREED BY IDENTIFYING SUPERIOR AND FUNCTIONAL, HIGH PERFORMING FEMALES AND THEIR SIRES.. The Merial-Ancare Hereford Benchmark programme has a truly commercial focus; recognising elite Hereford animals that display excellence in fertility.. and longevity both profit generating traits of significant importance.. to all beef breeders.. The Benchmark programme continues into its 18th year, with the generous and ongoing support of Merial-Ancare NZ.. We extend congratulations to Chris, Jayne and Henry Douglas of Monymusk Stud, Te Anau for achieving a Platinum Dam Benchmark award and the Gold Benchmark Dam is awarded to the Okawa Stud of David and Rosemary Morrow.. Congratulations to both breeders on this exceptional achievement.. With the use of Benchmark information, commercial cattlemen can select proven superior Hereford genetics to use within their beef breeding operations.. The programme recognises cows that have the ability to produce a live calf unassisted, on time each year and rear that calf to an average or above average weaning weight.. This is what makes a commercial cow herd viable and gives the commercial beef farmer confidence in registered Hereford breeding programmes.. In 2013, $value Selection Indexes have again been incorporated into the  ...   search online for Benchmark animals, their EBV’s, pedigrees and owners contact details.. By entering the desired benchmark status as a selection criteria parameter within the enquiry facility, comprehensive information regarding Merial-Ancare Hereford Benchmark animals can be found.. The 2013 Benchmark animal qualifying criteria is as follows:.. 1.. First calf before 3 years, one month of age.. 2.. Average calving interval of 391 for first three calves, 382 for first.. four calves, 378 for first five calves and 375 for first six calves.. 3.. Maternal value in top 10% of Trans-Tasman Hereford analysis.. 4.. Calves must be reared by own dam, have a 200 day weight entered.. and dam must have a registered calf born no more than two years.. prior to current grouprun cutoff.. 5.. Calving Ease direct in top 85% of Trans-Tasman Hereford analysis.. 6.. In the top 20% of Trans-Tasman Hereford analysis for Export /.. Maternal Hereford Prime / Maternal Selection Indexes.. First calf before 2 years and 2 months.. Other criteria as for Benchmark Dams.. Seven or more calves with calving interval averaging no more than.. 373 days.. Platinum Dams.. The dam of three Benchmark dams.. Can be any combination of gold, silver or standard.. Sires having produced 3 or more Benchmark Dams.. Breeders of five or more Benchmark Dams..

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  • Title: NZ Herefords :: Council & Staff
    Descriptive info: NZ Hereford Association Council.. The Hereford Association Council consisting of twelve councillors represents Hereford breeders from all regions of New Zealand.. Maintaining the Hereford breed s strategic position in the beef industry is of paramount importance to the Council.. The Hereford Council are always open to approaches from members for advice on many issues.. President.. Mr Philip Shepherd.. RD 1.. KAEO.. phone: 09 405 0983.. fax: 09 405 0982.. email:.. otengi@ihug.. nz.. Vice President.. Mr Chris Douglas.. Gillespie Road.. TE ANAU.. phone: 03 249 8588.. fax: 03 249 8588.. monymusk@xtra.. Treasurer.. Mr Gray Pannett.. RD 2.. ROXBURGH.. phone: 03 446 6833.. fax: 03 446 6833.. pannetts@xtra.. Councillor.. Mr Paul Scott.. 61 Howells Road.. Maungati.. TIMARU.. phone: 03 612 9962.. paul.. fionascott@farmside..  .. Mr Colin Corney.. 72 Berquist Road.. OHAUPO.. phone: 07 823 6252.. colraine.. herefords@farmside.. Mr Jason Graham.. 849 Waihekau Road.. WAITOA.. phone: 07 887 3884.. jodyandjason@xtra.. Mr Philip Barnett.. Te Mangahuia Trust.. RD 9.. DANNEVIRKE.. phone: 06 374 3555.. fax: 6 374 3555.. kaitoa@farmside.. Mr Rodney Jupp.. 4 Tikorangi Road.. RD 43.. WAITARA.. phone: 06 754 6764.. fax:  ...   NZHA Projects & Hereford Prime Brand Manager.. Mrs Natalie Campbell.. C/- NZ Hereford Assocation.. P O Box 503.. FEILDING.. work: 0277 323 448.. herefordprojects@pbbnz.. NZ Hereford Assocation Honorary Members Fellowships.. Honorary Life Members.. J D Caldwell, RD 2, Kaiapoi.. W McLaren, RD 6, Christchurch.. Fellowship of the Hereford Breed.. D G Goodall (Braxton Stud), Queenstown (deceased).. Mrs JL Wills, Kahurangi Stud, Matamata.. LJ Paterson, Waikaka Stud, Gore.. DJT Morrow, RD 8, Ashburton.. B Orr, Papamoa Beach, Tauranga.. NZ Herefords Staff.. The New Zealand Hereford Association office is situated at Feilding.. Along with seven other NZ beef breed societies, NZ Herefords operates from the Performance Beef Breeders premises.. PBBNZ provides Breedplan/Registry, administration, accounts and graphic design services for the associated breeds.. Mrs Donna Abbiss /.. Ms Megan Ellett.. NZHA Projects and Hereford Prime Brand Manager.. Services available at PBBNZ.. Hereford Registry.. Mrs Linda Shailer.. lindas@pbbnz.. Hereford Accounts.. Ms Andrea Bullivant.. andrea@pbbnz.. Hereford Graphic Design and Website.. Mrs Adele Gray.. graphics@pivotdesign.. Sheep and Cattle Eartag Ordering Services.. tags@pbbnz.. PBB Administration.. Ms Lindy Lawrence.. lindy@pbbnz.. DNA.. Mrs Sharyn Anderson.. sharyn@pbbnz.. Back to top..

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  • Title: New Zealand Hereford Association :: Dairy Beef Initiatives
    Descriptive info: Hereford Dairy Beef Information:.. -.. Research shows mating using better beef genetics may be a win-win.. Hereford, the Flagship breed for dairy beef.. Merial Ancare Merit Dairy Sire programme.. Searching Online for your Hereford Dairy Beef Sire.. Hereford Dairy Beef Case Studies:.. Registered Herefords contribute to improved bottom line.. Cashing in on the Hereford White Face Advantage.. White Face Advantage utilised by Canterbury Sharemilkers.. Herefords offer plenty to the NZ Dairy Industry.. Less calving troubles, increased milk production, more live calves.. The Hereford breed acknowledges the importance and contribution of dairy beef production to the NZ beef industry so have focused on investing in Hereford Dairy Sire Selection programmes and subsequent Dairy Beef packages to assist dairy farmers in their selection of appropriate Hereford Dairy Sires be it a focus on low birth weight and/ or short gestation length.. Herefords offer.. The easily identifiable White Face Advantage.. Friesian-Hereford cross calves and animals have long been known to command premium prices at sale time.. When crossed in the first instance with another breed (dairy or beef) the Hereford will ALWAYS leave the distinctive WHITE FACE, providing quick, easy and reliable identification, providing buyer s confidence in a product that is readily saleable at any time.. White face heifer progeny are capable of filling a role as hill country cows or dams for beef production and the bull or steer progeny are ideal for prime beef production.. Dairy Beef Selection Index.. Developed by NZ Herefords, the only breed with such an index is the Dairy Selection Index.. Found on the NZ Herefords website at.. www.. , this sire selection tool is economically weighted to reflect dairy beef profitability with emphasis placed on calving ease and growth.. The index has been developed using all the breeding values available to give a dollar value.. It is aimed at a beef market  ...   platform and are confident their staff will be comfortable working with these docile animals.. Merit Dairy Sire Scheme.. The Merial-Ancare Merit Dairy Sire scheme has been developed to assist dairy farmers in identifying low birth weight, high growth rate bulls, ideal for use within dairy beef programmes.. It is a tool that should be used in conjunction with eye appraisal as structural soundness and smooth shoulders also positively assist calving ease.. To qualify for NZ Herefords Merit Dairy Sire status, registered Hereford bulls must have a maximum of +2.. 0kg for birthweight (in top 10% for 2013 bull calf drop), top 20% for the dairy maternal index and top 70% for 600 day growth rate.. A list of the Merit Dairy Sire breeders can be found on the NZ Hereford website, under Dairy Beef in the Quick Link menu.. Alternatively, look for the brand at your Hereford Bull spring sale.. Value Added Premiums.. The entire dairy beef chain offers added value for the sought after Hereford Friesian cross animal.. Marketing premiums for all weight ranges from four days old through to finisher are well documented.. Premiums paid range between $50 to more than $100 per head.. Guarantee.. Registered Herefords are backed up with extensive performance recording and should be considered an investment not a cost.. Not only are registered Herefords backed up with performance data but they have all the relevant health clearances and many have been bred for short gestation length and calving ease advantage.. Economically efficient.. Herefords are leaders of the British beef breeds when it comes to feed efficiency.. Other breeds have been recorded consuming up to 1.. 2kg more feed per day than Herefords of the same body weight and daily gain.. In a feedlot situation Herefords would consume 6% less than other British beef breeds making it economically sensible to run Herefords..

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  • Title: NZ Hereford Association :: Ezicalve
    Descriptive info: We asked Sam and Hamish How many dairy cows in New Zealand - four or five million?.. We also asked over 500 dairy farmers what they wanted from their calving.. The resounding.. answer was an easy calving! To guarantee this, we established a quality assurance program,.. collecting bull breeders who want to supply these market specifications.. Dairy farmers also asked for a valuable calf.. So we have a 4-day-old calf contract,.. a 100kg weaner contract and an integrated beef value chain.. This guarantees a price for every calf.. sired by our quality assured bulls and semen.. These calves must be profitable, finishing  ...   also taste test our beef.. The panels, the public and the chefs love it and we have had three.. finalists in New Zealand s Steak of Origin 2009 2010.. We work with the markets,.. from conception to consumption, adding value to beef.. We are Ezicalve and we are leading The New Beef Industry.. Will Morrison (CEO), Ardo Herefords - 06 322 8236.. Mike Cranstone, Riverton Herefords - 06 342 7721.. John McKerchar, Shrimptons Hill Herefords - 03 614 3759.. Yvonne Lee, BlueStone Herefords - 03 614 3996.. Di Murdoch, Isola Herefords - 09 235 2137.. Malcolm Coombe, PGG Wrightson - 027 598 6623..

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  • Title: NZ Hereford Association :: Genetic Abnormalities
    Descriptive info: HYPOTRICHOSIS IN HEREFORD CATTLE.. (Hypotrichosis - Hairlessness.. It expresses itself as complete or partial loss of hair).. EQUINE PARENTAGE AND ANIMAL GENETIC SERVICES CENTRE Massey University.. This DNA based test is carried out at this laboratory based on information provided by Dr Jonathon Beever of the University of Illinois.. All genetic material in an individual animal comes in pairs, including the area of DNA where the mutation responsible for Hypotrichosis in Hereford cattle occurs.. Each individual has a pair of markers (alleles) for the Hypotrichosis mutation, and has inherited one from the sire and one from the dam.. Hypotrichosis in Hereford cattle is inherited as a simple autosomal recessive trait.. This means that for an individual to be affected by the disease it must have 2 markers for the mutation (1 from the sire and 1 from the dam).. Those individuals that carry 1 marker for the mutation and 1 normal marker will be unaffected by the disease, but can pass the mutation on to their offspring.. The purpose of this test is to detect the carrier individuals those animals carrying 1 copy of the mutation responsible for Hypotrichosis, but unaffected by the disease.. Results for this test will be reported as follows.. (Genetic test results are based on samples provided by breeders).. HYF / HYPF free of the mutation causing Hypotrichosis.. HYC / HYPC carrier of the mutation causing Hypotrichosis (1 copy).. HYA / HYPA affected by the mutation causing Hypotrichosis (2 copies).. No responsibility will be taken by the NZHA for untested animals purchased.. It is compulsory for any imported genetics to be tested.. It is compulsory for all Beef Expo entries to be tested declared free.. From 1 January 2014, ALL bulls (of any age, incuding calves) sold for transfer must be correctly sire verified in conjunction with having a DNA profile.. Also must be tested and declared FREE of hypotrichosis.. Links to international Hereford associations regarding genetic abnormalities.. Canadian Hereford Association: -.. http://www.. hereford.. ca/genetic_abnormalities.. asp.. American Hereford Association: -.. org/node/25.. Links to animal lists (also available under Member Services):.. Hypotrichosis Free Animals.. (current listing).. Influential Imported Hypotrichosis Free Sires.. DILUTOR AND IDIOPATHIC EPILEPSY Abnormalities in Hereford Cattle.. The DNA tests for the Diluter gene and Idiopathic Epilepsy in New Zealand Hereford cattle have now been validated and are available at Massey University.. The DNA tests are based on information provided by Dr Jonathon Beever of the University of Illinois, who developed the DNA test for Hypotrichosis that is currently being used.. The tests for both abnormalities will be carried out, free of charge, at the same time testing for Hypotrichosis is done ($35/sample).. However for samples previously submitted for Hypotrichosis testing and requiring further analysis for Dilutor and Idiopathic Epilepsy will incur a  ...   Dilutor syndrome.. DLC carrier of the mutation causing Dilutor syndrome (1 copy).. DLA carrier of the mutation causing Dilutor syndrome (2 copies).. When a DL Carrier is mated to a black pigmented animal, 50% of the offspring will be normal, while due to the dominant expression of the gene 50% of the offspring will show the Dilutor syndrome of grey, smokey or brown coats.. When a DL Carrier is mated to a DL Free Hereford, 50% of the offspring will be DL Free and not carry the diluter gene while 50% of the progeny will carry the diluter gene and be DL Carriers.. These purebred Herefords will show no change to coat colour.. Idiopathic Epilepsy.. The symptoms of Idiopathic Epilepsy (IE) generally start with affected animals seen recumbent on their side with limbs extended in a rigid state.. The seizures may last from several minutes up to more than an hour.. The age of onset of the first seizure can vary, from birth to several months of age.. The occurrence and persistence of seizures may be modified by environmental stressors such as extremes of temperature or increased physical activity.. IE is predominantly seen in horned Herefords, but can be seen in polled Herefords with horned animals in their pedigree.. All genetic material in an individual animal comes in pairs, including the area of DNA where the mutation responsible for Idiopathic Epilepsy in Hereford cattle occurs.. Each individual has a pair of markers (alleles) for the Idiopathic Epilepsy mutation, and has inherited one from the sire and one from the dam.. Idiopathic Epilepsy in Hereford cattle is inherited as a simple autosomal recessive trait (like Hypotrichosis).. The purpose of this test is to detect the carrier individuals which are those animals carrying 1 copy of the mutation responsible for Idiopathic Epilepsy, but unaffected by the disease.. IEF free of the mutation causing Idiopathic Epilepsy.. IEC carrier of the mutation causing Idiopathic Epilepsy (1 copy).. IEA affected by the mutation causing Idiopathic Epilepsy (2 copies).. With the large number of Hereford bulls being used over black pigmented cows in both the beef industry (Angus) and the dairy industry (Friesian) it is relevant that the NZHA investigate the frequency of the Diluter gene in the pedigree Hereford population, as there may be issues with the marketability of diluted grey, smoky and chocolate coloured calves.. With respect to Idiopathic Epilepsy , the condition is seen mainly in horned cattle and polled cattle with horned blood in North American Herefords, so given the smaller proportion of horned cattle in the NZ population may mean it is less common.. However this smaller horned population in NZ means that if the gene is present it has the potential to move quickly through the small genepool..

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  • Title: NZ Herefords:Gestation Calculator
    Descriptive info: Please select animal type, day, month and year then click the 'Calculate' button.. The resulting date is the expected (average) birth date for that animal.. Animal:.. Cow.. Dog.. Goat.. Pig.. Sheep.. Deer.. Horse.. Date Bred:.. Jan.. Feb.. Mar.. Apr.. May.. Jun.. Jul.. Aug.. Sep.. Oct.. Nov.. Dec.. /.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 11.. 12.. 13.. 14.. 15.. 16.. 17.. 18.. 19.. 20.. 21.. 22.. 23.. 24.. 25.. 26.. 27.. 28.. 29.. 30.. 31.. 2008.. 2009.. 2010.. 2011.. 2012.. 2013.. 2014.. 2015.. Date Due:..

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  • Title: NZ Hereford Association :: Hybrid Vigour
    Descriptive info: By Dave Warburton.. The basic knowledge about hybridvigour or heterosis as it is more correctly known as has been around for over 50 years.. The term describes the estimated difference between the average performance of the reciprocal crosses of two breeds and the average performance of their two parental breeds.. There are two forms of heterosis: individual heterosis the effects of crossing two or more breeds on the calf and maternal heterosis the effects of a crossbred cow on her own performance and her calf.. The crossbred cow is without doubt the best cow around for performance.. The most commonly known attributes of the crossbred calf over astraightbred include.. - superior growth rates.. - superior fertility.. Recently there have been a couple of new large scale studies that have identified other significant factors.. Did you know that the crossbred cow lives longer? She therefore produces more calves and therefore produces more kg weaned/cow.. Breed Group.. Trait.. Hereford.. Angus.. HA.. AH.. Longevity.. 4yrs.. 11yrs.. 6yrs.. No of calves.. 9.. 6.. Weight weaned (kg).. 1093.. 1290.. 1481.. 1597.. If commodity value was $2.. 10/kg for a Hereford cross weaner then the cow produces $3110.. 7-$3353.. 7 of weaner product.. Given the above total lifetime weaner weight weaned of an Angus cow, the weaner would have to attract a premium of $2.. 41-2.. 60/kg (these prices are, it s fair to say, uncommon).. If the weaner sale fair prices are even stronger then it is even tougher for the straightbred to achieve sufficient premium to match the crossbred weaner.. Did you also know that the Hereford is one of the best  ...   superior fertility of a cross bred female not only does she reach puberty earlier, making her ideal for yearling heifer mating, she also has a higher pregnancy rate throughout her life meaning significantly less replacements are required and an improved efficiency of the herd.. Early results from two studies in USA both show a significantly increased pregnancy rate of 7% in the Hereford Angus x female heifer compared to the straightbred Angus heifer.. The ongoing effects of the maternal heterosis are being measured in the studies as the cows get older to show an accurate long term effect of the crossbred cows productivity.. President of the New Zealand Hereford Association Geof Brown of Locharburn Herefords, near Cromwell says there are a lot of black herds on NZ hill country and he says when those cows are joined with a Hereford bull the beef farmer is the recipient of a free lunch thanks to the influence of Hereford genetics.. A Hereford bull for use over black cows must be the bull of choice for NZ farmers in coming years torealise the full potential of their beef herd.. Using a Hereford bull over black cows will give them the best of both breeds.. The benefits for NZ farmers don t stop at hybridvigour.. These cattle are eligible for the award winning Hereford Prime branded beef programme, Steak of Origin winner of the best branded Beef title in 2009 and proudly supplying the top end of New Zealand s restaurant market.. Click here for full article.. - Impacts of Cross-Breeding.. *.. Dave Warburton is a practicing veterinarian and a registered Hereford breeder..

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  • Title: NZ Hereford Association :: Joining the NZHA
    Descriptive info: Are you interested in joining the NZ Hereford Association? The following information will be useful in explaining everything you need to know (.. just click a subject to find out more.. ).. For any further enquiries please contact the NZHA office by email at hereford@pbbnz.. com or phone (06) 323 4484.. FORMS.. New member application form.. Animal transfer form.. FEES.. Associated fees.. CONTACTS.. NZHA Councillors.. NZHA members in your area.. SALES.. Registered Hereford breeder sales.. Tipsheets.. (for pedigree and performance recording).. RULES.. NZHA rules and regulations..

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