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  • Title: Deer Improvement | Deer Improvement, artificial breeding, venison, velvet, trophy, insemination, semen
    Descriptive info: .. Search.. Home.. About Us.. Benefits.. Financial Returns.. Venison.. Trophy/Velvet.. Pricing.. Contact Us.. Deer Improvement puts the best red deer genetics within reach of commercial farmers.. Whether the breeding goal involves.. venison.. ,.. velvet.. or.. trophy.. , world-class sires are now as close as your.. phone.. The primary focus of Deer Improvement is helping deer farmers achieve killable weights more quickly and efficiently.. To learn more about farming deer for profit.. contact one of our representatives.. Latest News.. Site Map.. | Copyright 2014 Deer Improvement..

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  • Title: Deer Improvement | Deer Improvement, artificial breeding, venison, velvet, trophy, insemination, semen
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  • Title: Deer Improvement | About Us
    Descriptive info: News.. About Us.. Deer Improvement is a subsidiary of LIC, a farmer-owned co-operative which is the world s leading supplier of genetics for seasonal pasture based dairying.. The mission of Deer Improvement is to apply the core capabilities of the parent company to improve the profitability of deer farming.. Specifically this involves the science of quantitative genetics and reproductive technologies.. Deer Improvement recognises that the potential of the New Zealand deer industry cannot be realised unless objective evaluations are available and the truly elite genes are accessible to commercial farmers.. The organisation strongly supports the industry s across herd database (DEERSelect) which is operated by AgResearch and enables data to be pooled for the benefit of all.. Experience.. LIC has existed as a farmer owned co-operative for nearly 100 years.. Herd testing of dairy cows was carried out from the early 1900s to provide culling  ...   deer industry.. Deer Improvement carried out its first inseminations in 2004.. This involved conventional frozen semen technology as well as the fresh semen technology which has established the parent company as the world leader in maximising the availability of elite sires.. The advantage of this technology is that each semen collection generates literally ten times as many straws without any drop in conception rate performance.. Deer Improvement inseminations are carried out by a team of specially trained AI Technicians selected from Livestock Improvement's team of 1,000 bovine inseminators.. These Technicians are all hand picked (women with small hands!) who have completed thousands of inseminations in cattle before undertaking training on deer.. Most of them have now completed five seasons with Deer Improvement, complementing the autumn work on deer with the spring mating season for cattle.. Scanning of hinds confirms pregnancy rates to AI typically over 70%..

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  • Title: Deer Improvement | Benefits
    Descriptive info: Benefits.. There are numerous reasons why you as a farmer may wish to use AI:.. 1.. The primary focus of our business is helping deer farmers achieve killable weights more quickly and efficiently.. 2.. Genetic gain is permanent and cumulative.. Improving your herd will positively impact on future generations regardless of future breeding strategies.. 3.. Using the AI service will provide immediate access to the top sire stags available within the industry.. These are animals that may otherwise be unaffordable or unavailable.. 4.. Using a team of AI stags instead of buying one or two expensive animals expands the gene pool and increases the reliability of the Breeding Value.. 5.. Investing in expensive stags almost invariably involves plans  ...   use of one stag over several years slows genetic progress whereas the AI stag team BV increases every year and will be directly reflected in the annual genetic gain in the commercial herd.. 7.. Artificial Insemination limits the risk of disease transmission.. Although the nature of deer farming will ensure that most hinds are naturally mated, a closed herd can still access the best genes through AI to breed replacement hinds, and retain the best of the male progeny for natural service.. In this fashion, no animal need be introduced from outside and thus the risk of disease can be reduced.. 8.. Mating to AI can condense the calving period, bring forward mean calving date and increase weaning weights..

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  • Title: Deer Improvement | Financial Returns
    Descriptive info: Financial Returns.. Using AI over a small proportion of your hinds to leverage genetic gain in the entire herd will generate impressive financial returns.. The economic impact has been modelled using a software programme developed specifically for the task by Deer Improvement parent company LIC whose Geneticists and Business Analysts have extensive experience with similar tools in the dairy industry.. The deer model has been peer-reviewed by Dr Peter Fennessy and found to be robust.. The return on investment depends on a range of inputs, all of which can be supplied by the farmer to ensure an outcome which is realistic in their view.. Some inputs are specific to the individual farm (total number of hinds, proportion mated to AI stags, proportion of  ...   Investment (ROI) varies in line with the input figures, but generally shows a very positive outcome, often exceeding 50%.. The model is conservative in that it does not attempt to value some of the benefits of the AI programme.. For example:.. As more progeny are killed earlier, competition with the next crop of fawns is reduced.. It will be possible to kill some weaners before their first winter, enabling an increase in hind numbers.. Improved biosecurity.. Improved feed conversion efficiency.. Avoidance of inbreeding.. Other advances such as the development of a Temperament BV will also provide benefits only available to those who access genetics from sires which are the true elite resulting from large, well structured breeding programmes making full use of technology..

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  • Title: Deer Improvement | Venison
    Descriptive info: Breeding Goal.. How it works.. Venison.. Bred for meat, not bone.. It's unusual to see pictures of stags without antlers, but of course it's the venison that pays the bills for most deer farmers.. The bone on the head contributes a tiny proportion of the industry's earnings, and the bone in the body is likely to be worthless as soon as the processors can measure it.. For these reasons Deer Improvement applies absolutely no selection pressure on antlers, and negative selection pressure on bone in the carcass.. These stags form the world's highest ranking group of sires bred for venison production.. They have good numbers of progeny in up to seven herds, providing genetic evaluations you can rely on..  ...   rate and all carcass traits.. Bremen, with a BV of 24.. 0 kg, by Bonn (half German out of a Foveran hind), from an outstanding Crusader dam.. Corona, with a BV of 23.. 8 kg, by Colossus from a top ranked Doncaster hind.. Commodore, with a BV of 21.. 7 kg, an Admiral son from a Remarkables Park daughter of Carl.. These sires are available directly to every deer farmer using AI, with the added bonus of closing your herd to the risk of disease from imported animals.. All you have to do is pick your top hinds and tell us what day you want them mated.. Download:.. Stag pedigrees by progeny test year.. F.. ind out more below:..

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  • Title: Deer Improvement | Trophy/Velvet
    Descriptive info: Trophy/Velvet.. Velvet and Trophy Genetics.. First class velvet and trophy genetics are now available to every farmer.. In response to customer demand for access to proven antler genetics, Deer Improvement has sourced some outstanding velvet and trophy genetics.. Why take a punt on a two-year  ...   your hinds.. A National Allcomers Velvet Champion, he grows a spectacular trophy head and scored an official.. 601 IOA.. in 2010.. Check out below the other.. velvet and trophy stags.. which can be used as a team to ensure genetic diversity.. **.. 2013 Craigie Special Offer..

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  • Title: Deer Improvement | Pricing
    Descriptive info: Pricing.. The most popular option involves semen from several of our top ranked stags.. This use of a team offers the advantages of increased reliability and genetic diversity.. The price is.. $115+GST per insemination.. , including the Technician fee.. This price is for stag team inseminations of 50+ inseminations -.. Note that the cost of synchrony is not included.. Individual semen straw prices for nominated stags is.. $300+GST per straw.. , and  ...   suppliers.. If 50% or more of the total insems during the same farm visit involve Deer Improvement semen, the charge for extras will be $25 each, and there will be no charge for milage.. Technician-only service where Deer Improvement semen constitutes less than 50% of the total will be charged at $35 per insem.. If no Deer Improvement semen is being used, service will be subject to availability and may involve milage charges..

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  • Title: Deer Improvement | Contact Us
    Descriptive info: The Team.. Contact Us.. We welcome your interest.. Please contact a Deer Improvement Representative in your area to discuss your AI Programme or to learn more about farming deer for profit.. Postal Address.. PO Box 1593.. Queenstown.. Bruce McGregor.. General Manager, Central Otago, North Island.. 027 233 2063 |.. bmcgregor@deerimprovement.. co.. nz.. Bruce s links to the industry began with live capture of deer in Fiordland.. He has headed  ...   farmers looking to lift the performance of their herds.. Hayden Hughes.. Lower South Island.. 027 233 2064 |.. hhughes@deerimprovement.. Brought up on a Deer Farm near Te Anau, Hayden now represents Deer Improvement from his Dunedin base.. Gerald Johnson.. Upper South Island.. 027 687 7085 |.. gjohnson@deerimprovement.. Gerald has farmed deer for many years and was one of our first clients.. He was so impressed he joined the company!..

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  • Title: Deer Improvement | Site Map
    Descriptive info: Site Map..

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  • Title: Deer Improvement | Search
    Descriptive info: Search.. Please enter your keywords below and press the search button.. " class="form_button">.. Search for all keywords.. Search for any keywords..

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